From centuries Hindus believed that five deadly sins are Kaam (lust) Kroda (anger) Moh (attachment) Lobh (greed) and Ahankar (pride). Anger is the second among those five. All most all, each one of us experienced, seen the disastrous consequences of anger in our life. But many of us never looked in to the deep roots of Anger. To make you believe that "Awareness is infinite treasure" we take you to the root causes and cures of all round destructive anger.

WHAT IS ANGER : "Every time you prevent yourself from getting angry, the power of your higher mind increases", "from anger comes delusion, from delusion the loss of memory, from loss of memory the destruction of discrimination he perishes", " when anger appears, intellect disappears", "Anger is a spiritual suicide", "Anger converts a man into a cruel animal". "Anger shocking sudden momentary madness" these are some of the popular proverbs. Other side Anger is one letter is shorter than danger. Anger is a temporary madness. Anger is the abbreviation form of A = abuse, N = negativity, G = grudge, E = explosion, R = rage. If you look at the words letter's straight elaboration "Anger" is "astonishing nerve's great explosive rage". If you look at the psychologist's version of anger, it is one among the natural human emotions. It is a natural way of empowering one self to protect himself from attack or threat to self's well being. In common understanding Anger is a temporary possession of madness, displacing his wisdom.

WHETHER ANGER IS TOTALLY UNWANTED? : No, Anger is two ways human emotion Neither it is totally unwanted nor it is totally avoidable. It is like two way knife. One has to use Anger with exclusive discrimination. Anger is certainly necessary at times such as when a parent or teacher reprimands his child/student for misbehaving. Anger is necessary for the boss to keep punctuality, discipline or to extract work from his subordinates. You have to express your anger when you are fighting for your rights, somebody wants to purposefully try to suppress you, when you are put to hurt illegally, unethically put to severe torture or loss. But, at other numerous incidences exercise of unjustified anger proves disastrous. In a nutshell the problem is not with the anger, it is with the mismanagement of anger. Always remember, the Aristotles golden saying "Anybody can get angry, that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way is an art to be mastered". It is essentially important to assess, when, where, with whom, how, how much, one has to exercise anger lies the secret of awareness.

WHAT ARE ALL THE NUMEROUS DISADVANTAGES OF ANGER? : Anger leads the mankind to the unlimited number of disadvantages. It is certainly a self defeating and self destructive negative emotion. Anger ceases physical problems like disturbed sleep, tiredness, hypertension, heart problems, ulcers, toughness in the joints, various physical complications, mental and emotional imbalance. When we are angry our body trembles, voice becomes shaky and speech becomes incoherent. Our thinking mechanism becomes paralyzed. Anger could lead to headache, digestive and skin problems. It also leads to insomnia. Anxiety, depression, stroke etc. Body becomes weak and senses becomes pale and tongue becomes uncontrollably sharp. When angry our energy is unnecessarily wasted, brain particles gets damaged, blood pressure abnormally shoots up. The fury of anger is unestimatable, that how many times is intoxicates than liquor, rages man temporarily becomes completely mad and he totally forgets himself, absolutely no sense of what, where, whom, when he is dealing and it is beyond anybody's estimation that what extreme he will act. He do not know, under the iron grip of anger he himself is totally burning from inside. When one is angry, the biochemicals released in the body get accumulated and such toxin biochemicals originating from negative emotions leads to serious psychosomatic diseases, leads to depression and lack of peach of mind. Because of uncontrolled anger one moves away from even parents, spouse, relatives, children, friends, neighbors, colleagues, business man looses his customers. Anger makes every one his enemy and leads him to all failures, in all walks of life. Any body who angers you, becomes your enemy, moves away from you, ultimately makes you to repent, disturbs your peace of mind, leaving a black scar on your personality. Hot headed people face a three fold increased risk of heart disease than their cooler colleagues. Anger increases abnormal stress levels, leads to release of hormones, increases oxygen demand by the heart muscle cell, causes platelets (which are the blood cells that form clots) causing blockages and heart attack. Anger increases the heart beat rates and constricts blood vessels. When anger is out of control can lead to violence against some one you are close to, leading to hurt, injury or even fatalities. You may speak or do things that you never even imagined. Under certain circumstances fear can't be expressed like continuously harassed new bride in the family suppressed communities, legitimate rights denied persons, heavily burdened student, repeatedly leave denied soldier posted on border, repeated ashamed and humiliated new college student with ragging etc. can't express anger and such accumulated bottle up anger suddenly out bursts at a time, leading to extreme of eliminating the opponent if they are strong, or commit themselves suicide, because of unbearability. Suppressed Anger proves much more disastrous than the burst out anger. It is the real major culprit of a sudden major cardiac trouble.

WHAT ARE THE NUMEROUS REASONS INSTILL THE ANGER? : There are unlimited number of reasons which can cause you anger. In fact it is the 'Anger Quotient' which initiates anger in an individual. It varies from person to person and situation to situation. As mentioned in the above chapter three different types of angers, various factors erupt different degrees of anger vividly. Coming to the point of anger initiating reasons, poverty suffering, hungry people, physically weak, ill healthy people easily prone for anger. The literature you read, watching crime movies, TV serials, reading revenged stories in press, inspire easy anger. Mentally weak, psychologically weak, persons who suffer dissatisfaction in their sexual life, persons who are denied their basic rights for long time, people under suppressed communities, are prone for anger. People suffered repeated failures in life, unemployed, under paid, eligible people for high placements, placed in mean jobs, high targets fixed beyond one's capacity in jobs causes easily anger. Non cooperative spouse in the family, short tempered neighbors, unbearable traffic jams in metros, usually regularly delayed flights, trains, buses irritates regular commuters.
In case of students unbearable syllabus, dictatorship teachers, high discipline of school, military disciplined parents, unbearable home/project works, poor performance in exams put them under tremendous pressure, which once blown up, they may run away from home or may commit suicide.

AWARENESS TIPS TO MANAGE ANGER: Accept the fact that being angry is perfectly normal. Look into yourself, analyze and identify the real source or triggering reason for anger. Transfer your concentration from "what done to me" to "what you can amicably do". Observe keenly and realize your unreasonable expectations. Approach confidential positive self assertion. Keep of thoughts that provoke anger and shift your thoughts on to pleasant subjects. Make a note of your angry thoughts. When you are feeling angry count upto 100 numbers. If terribly angry leave the place for an hour atleast. Do not reply to any letter while angry, spend a couple of hours minimum or one day if you can to give effective, result oriented reply. When you are angry do not lift the receiver to call, only call him when you have come to the normal cool. Once you experienced under which circumstances you outbursted, at least try to avoid such dangerous future situations tactfully. Eat nutritious food, avoid starving situations. Keep your health in perfect condition. Be punctual in all jobs. Try to plan every thing well in advance. Follow strictly right time management techniques to avoid regrets. Accept people as they are and expect from them only as they are, as high expectations makes you disappointed. Try to accept the fact that for every thing what ever happened, you are solely responsible and none to blame. Accept the personal weaknesses like exhaustion, worry, ill health, alcohol use etc. Which led you to your anger and take remedial future actions. What ever it may be the situation like unhappiness worry, talk only in assertive manner. Realize some facts that unavoidable traffic jams in metros, power cuts, water scarcity, flights, trains running late, society norms, such many things are not changeable with your anger. Best thing to avoid conflicts and expecting smooth results are possible with four simple solutions: 1) must not raise one's voice, 2) abstain from cursing, 3) practice regular conscious smiling and 4) confidentially practice surely result oriented positive patience. B.P. and Cardiac patients must identify the things that trouble them most. They must learn to recognize warning signs of building tension. One must realize the rich rewards of forgiveness and try to practice consciously the forgiveness which makes you totally peaceful from the past. In fact it is making yourself free from unnecessary fury, Internal burning and revenge. In most of the cases normally anger triggers with people moving in close proximity like family members, neighbours, colleagues and friends. Try to avoid angry situations with them, because if once bitter with them, you can't avoid face with them every day. When you are in a deep problem, openly discuss with family members or friends. In cases beyond identifiable solutions, visit a professional counselor.

ALTERNATIVE AWARENESS TECHNIQUE TO AVOID ANGER: Practice relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body. Practice deep breathing exercise regularly. Learn effective communication techniques without outburst to resolve conflicts amicably. Follow stress management techniques to avoid unnecessary stress levels. To keep body energy level normal eat nutritious food. Sleep at least 7-8 hours to keep self, out of day time irritations. Take rest at intervals whenever tired. Try to keep good relations with family members, neighbours, colleagues and friends. Practice regular physical exercise, swimming, walking to keep your body and mind fresh. Listen to inspiring smooth instrumental music. Practice highly result oriented meditation. Now, my dear cautious awareness followers, wishing you to practice all above awareness tips to control your anger and enjoy happy, healthy, prosperous and ever peaceful lives. Note: For the elaborate version of this circular visit our website.

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