Life is very precious. In the precious life, parents, siblings, spouse, children occupy important role. Among them, spouse plays prime role, who accompanies you for maximum span of life, as a companion, friend, confidential adviser, supporter, equal partner in joy and grief. Spouse is your contributor, well wisher, family builder, sincere guide, confidence boosting supporter, in any eventuality, sole family torch bearer and many more. More over, spouse is an undivided part of one's own soul. In fact, spouse is attached to the life beyond one's life.

But, unfortunately such a beautiful, blissful, divine married life, instead of becoming more and more harmonious, day by day, it is becoming sour and brittle, day by day. Strained relations among the couple leading fast towards breaking in to separations. The graph of divorce, which is over 35% presently, fast moving further. In illiterate families, it is resulting in majority of cases into suicides.

It is as simply because of lack of little awareness among the young women, who are not properly exercising the selection of their life partner. If they follow few simple guidelines, their dreamed married life turns to inspiring harmonious married life, rather than nightmare married life. Here are some valuable bridegroom choosing awareness tips, for ever dreamed harmonious married life.

Choose your spouse who has a common life purpose. This is the first and foremost thing, which will bind both of you, beyond your wedlock. It makes you to think, discuss, amend, analyze, work, promote, and achieve the common interest. It not only binds you ever in life, it enhances your achievements easy, faster and higher. Unknowingly your bond grows ever lovely and stronger. The common interest will create a great feeling and trust in both of you, that you are born for each other and married for each other, for ever.

Does he spend money responsibly? It is not how much he earns is important, but how responsibly he spends, it is more important. He is not supposed to be stringent, nor very lavish, than his earnings, in spending.

He should have a sense of humor. In life, very many hurdles, hardships, calamities create hell.. Few you may overcome with awareness and skills, but few will cripple your life. At such situations, humor is the only divine medicine, which will make you light, to cope up with life.

Whether you feel safe to express your feelings or thoughts with him? Because, it is very essential, to express your feelings, thoughts or ideas, freely with him, without any fear. Then only, many doubts, problems, situations in day to day life, can be clarified and a harmonious, unanimous conclusion can be arrived, for undisputed married life. If you do not have that trust with him, you always feel that you may be punished or hurt and hide your thoughts with in you, against your wish, which will create gap between you.

He supposes to be a particle man in understanding, than adamant. If you propose a wish or demand, he should not make a counter demand, to suppress yours.

He must be a person of independent. After marriage, many decisions to be taken in day in day out. He suppose to consult you in decision making, instead of making one way decision himself or consulting his mother, as ever, neglecting you, with this, you start feeling of neglect.

There are mainly two types of people in the world. One is aiming only personal comforts as top priority in life and always run only behind them. The other one is, dedicated his life to personal growth, who always strive to be good and strive to do good. The person, who runs behind only personal comforts, may get you comforts, which ends never. But a person who strives for good will give you everlasting blissful, harmonious, unforgettable married life. It only depends upon your own choice, how your marriage relationship would be.

He may be intelligent or intellectual. He should not be a silent man, instead a speaking person. Because, even though silence is beautiful, in long blooming married life, it sprouts the buds of boredom.

He must be an unconditional loving person of every one. It is not loving closely related people, friends or superiors, one's real love will be ascertained ,when he treat the people with whom he do not have to be nice to such as maid, watchman, auto driver etc. If he loves and treats every body equally, then he loves spouse also ever after.

In the beginning itself investigate thoroughly, whether he is having any bad habits or not. Do not marry a person who has got any bad habits, expecting that you will rectify or improve him after marriage. In fact, after marriage any little bad habit turns to worst. If you cannot accept a person the way he is now, then he is not worth marrying. Remember, you are not here to do any charitable work, to show sympathy and turn your life a tragedy later. You use only your head and not your heart to save your life. Remember, prevention is always the best way, than repenting later.

You choose some one compatible with your own way of seeing life. (Material oriented/society oriented/spiritual oriented) to avoid feeling of isolated or misunderstood.

Finding a suitable match is not an impossible task. For that mater, all you need is a right mind set, advance planning and patience.

Instead of searching for a dream partner, with all your circumstances, without bias, just judge a suitable match, who is right for you.

Do not frustrate and loose heart. Because, choosing a life partner is the most prime decision of your life. In haste, just do not go for a random selection. Before your long life, just few more months wait, is worth waiting for a life changing spouse.

Do not choose some one, who is interested in you, if the feelings of you both are not mutual. One thing to keep in mind is, you are not marrying some one to just to show gratitude or to feel obliged.

Take a close unsentimental look at his family. You will come to know a lot about him and his attitude towards women. You can also learn about any history of harassment of ladies, for any reason, separation or divorce history etc.

Thoroughly verify in him, whether he has positive qualities, such as courteous, praise, willingness to forgive, to support etc. or is he inclined to rage, secretive, envious and susceptive nature?

Few people who do not know perfectly about themselves. They may express their free behavior or for just time pass sake, company sake, or flirt sake. In haste, do not confuse and save your precious life, from any dangerous flirting frauds.

Choosing your life partner is the most prime and crucial decision of your life. Remember, if you are not doing your home work thoroughly, then you have to repent in leisure. Think with your head, not with heart. Not to be pity but harsh, not to be haste but with patience, while choosing the partner to make much dreamed married life, an ever memorable sweet life.



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