various cheats

Ever multiplying uncontrolled population, ever increasing unemployment poor wages, payments, ever increasing cost of living, boundless greed, races of cut throat competitions, discrimination, lack of alternative opportunities, lavish living, laziness, mentality to make easy money, comparisons with neighbours, frustration, inclination to luxurious life, show off in society etc. are some of the many reasons why not only illiterate poor but even educated well earning people also choose to dupe gullible people in unlimited ways to meet their minimum needs or greeds ever, every where in the world. In this process, children, males, females, old people, illiterate, educated, urban, rural, almost one and all are prone for these cheats. Sometimes, one's entire life earnings are lost and in such incidences many cheated people were committed suicides, because of unbearable shock and huge loss of the cheat. Only solution to not to be cheated by those dupes is to be aware. "Prevention is the best solution and only one awareness the best prevention". In order to prevent gullible people from unlimited number of cheats, here are few of the various ways the dupes innocently, helpfully, ignorantly, friendly, helpingly, servicingly, devotionally, treatment way of cheat the public as examples for advance caution.

Kids how they cheat you: A child will approach a town/city bus stand, a correctly chosen, targeted looks rich, uneducated lonely village passenger and begs money for food. He refuses, then few minutes later kid takes out ring from his finger or some tiny jewellery from pocket and request villager to buy that as he is unable to bear hunger. Now tempted villager asks the price. Kid tells two thousand. Villager grabs it for Rs. 500/. When it was tested at goldsmith, it turns out to be fake. *Children come in trains / buses begging money. When a purse or small bag is kept on seats unattended, vanish with them. *Kids come to clean the train compartments, creep beneath seats and vanish with small valuable objects available, while cleaning. *Kids of 4 to 6 years are trained to snatch purse or mobile kept in the top of open carry bag, while you are walking on foot path in the busy centre of the cities.

As businessmen how they cheat you: An unknown man comes to targeted lonely illiterate lady's house and shows good quality rice or dal as sample, at low price. After cooking, she will come to know that how cleverly he cheated. *Apple seller on push cart agrees apples at your bargain price and he will take the apple into the box enclosed beneath in the pretext of packing them. When you open the pack at home the apples are rotten ones instead of your chosen. *High quality brands ready made garments in very attractive packing are sold on footpaths under dim street lights for throw away prices. When you buy and open at home in day light you get shock as hey are second hand garments. *Newly open shop offers all top branded home appliances at 75 % discount for sales promotion. Since steadily bookings jump, they promise delivery after few weeks and one fine morning they vanish with crores of rupees collection, cheating thousands. *Visiting the sales of export surplus / delayed shipment returns at 90 % discount rates, you find very inferior quality, but still you tempt to buy something even reluctantly, knowingly they are not worth. *On a busy footpath, an illiterate village tribe selling pure honey extracted from honey hives lying besides. After purchase, if you test at home, the honey proves to be thickly cooked jaggery juice. *A forest tribe is selling miracle herb claims to cure several diseases at abnormal price. He will show the great relief of few ailments on few customers, in fact who were his men. On buying the herb for high price, which proves fake, you will be shocked. *With the name of direct marketing name salesmen come with many electrical, home appliances, health equipment and offer at 75 % discount. They demonstrate and give guarantee period. After 2 days, it will not work and you realize cheated.

How they cheat with fake ads: people release huge ads with high percentage of success claims for their new herbal medicines for even incurable diseases with fake patients cured proof letters and sells herbs, finally which proved fake. *Taking the weakness of every individual for luck, ready made lucky stone rings are offered for sale at abnormal prices. People who just believe only on luck without hard work, superstitious, weak mentality, failing in life, students, unemployed, unmarried issueless, patients, waiting for verdicts, foreign job seekers, almost all category people buy them. Finally, when they never work as expected, realize clearly cheated. *Taking the advantage of huge educated unemployed, they release big ads with impressive logos and lucrative offers, asks eager candidates to apply with little application process fee of Rs. 500/ or so. Since offer is highly lucrative and qualifications called are just any degree, thousands will apply, but they never get any reply, cheating many thousands.

How they cheat ornaments: They target lonely ladies / old couple home in the working days above 10 AM and offer gold ornaments polish at very low labour charges. They show few polished jewels with them which attract you and one small piece of yours polish as free sample. When you are impressed yourself will bring ornaments in the house. After polishing they keep in cooker and advise you to boil them for half an hour and then take out. After they leave the place, when you open the cooker you find stones instead of jewels, which will make you faint. *Targeting gullible old illiterate, superstitious people, they come in the sadhu / tantrik robes, promise to double your jewellary with their magic power. In the pretext of making double, they keep your jewel covered in a cloth performs pooja and advises to open the covered cloth after one hour and leave the place. Later when you open the cloth stones will appear to astonish you. *A group of well dressed ladies visit jewellery shop to buy. Group will keep busy and divert the attention of shop sales staff, while one of them cleverly replaces the precious jewellary with fake ones which they brought.

How they cheat with multiplying currency notes: Initially they show you the real bank notes and promise you four counterfeit notes for one note. On the deal fixed day and place when you go with your entire life savings they show you the brief case filled with new counterfeit notes of the promised amount on the pretext of extreme hurry they take your money and give their brief case and vanish. When you open the brief case later you find only upper layer of the bundle they kept real notes and all inside notes are cut white papers will shock you.

How they cheat with fake labels: They collect used reputed companies cosmetic bottles and containers and fill up duplicate materials and sell at throwaway price on foot paths at night in small villages. *They collected imported / costly reputed brand wine bottles, fill with local made liquor, sometime even spurious, which may take your lives or if survived, takes off eye sight and sell at low prices. *Many popular brand empty drug bottles are collected and filled with desi made liquids / powders / tablets and capsules. Cheap quality textile fabrics are locally woven with highly reputed brands and sold at door to door, work places, foot paths.

How they make you clever and cheat you: They insert an ad in the press / door deliver a leaflet with 9 boxes quiz to fill numbers which an elementary school student can fill. Immediately after sending that quiz you will receive communication that you won first prize a TV / Computer and advised you to send Rs. 3000 as gift forwarding charge. When you send money, you are duped. *A simple marketing promotion application which you have casually filled up in an exhibition will make you surprise by a communication that you won the costly prize and advising the send Rs. 2000 to forward the prize. When you send the money, you realize the bitter truth. Suddenly, you receive an e mail astonishing you that you won an international bumper quiz competition in thousands of dollars and advises you to send $ 200 equivalent amount for prize money dispatch. If you send the amount, you will sure repent. Simple quiz will appear on your mobile which tempt to reply to win the prize. Finally even after number of correct attempts, you will never get prize. It is the understanding of the service provider and quiz operator to share your mobile currency.

As Good Samaritan how they cheat: While old, village lonely ladies wearing valuable jewellary, walking at lonely places a young man approaches as police in mufti and wants to protect here jewellary from the dacoit going roaming there. Fearing his words, she hand over jewellary, then he packs them in a paper and returns. On reaching home she opens the pocket to find only small pebbles.

As financiers how they cheat: From far off cities ads appear in dailies. Very lucrative, easy conditions, huge finance without guarantee will be offered. Applied many gullible people will be replied to send Rs. 3000 for verification visit fee, later when you never get reply, realize that you had taken for a ride. *They issue ads to take loan 10 times to your initial deposit (in dailies) when you deposit amount they say introduce 5 members like you and then take loan. You may introduce few friends. By that time they collect huge sums and disappear.

How they cheat you as tantriks: They target lonely old ladies, come in the afternoons, dress in forest tribes and assures them solve health or any problems in the family by pooja at their forest goddess and take huge dakshinas and go away. They return after long time. By that time if any improvement is there in their problems they extract huge amount for the performed pooja. If no improvement is stated, they extract some more amounts to do alternative poojas. In the mean time, they take your close relatives / friends / well-wishers addresses with their problems like disease, unemployment, marriage, issueless-ness, court litigations etc. and visit them, telling them their known problems as their predictions and trap them also similar way. Few tantriks visit homes and claim relief brought for celebrities with their miracle powered Talismas. As proof they show photos with celebrities. If you buy their Talismas at the abnormal prices, you repent.

How they cheat you at banks: While you are about to deposit huge amount at counter, they drop few Rs. 10 notes and say that your money fallen down. When you want to collect the money, they run away with your amount on counter. *When you come out of bank after cash withdrawal, while keeping it in scooter they throw few Rs. 10 notes and divert your attention to pick up them and vanish with your cash. *While you are keeping your withdrawn money in your vehicle, a mental retarded man throws cow dung on you, while you go busy in cleaning it, other man run away with your huge cash. *If they couldn't loot your withdrawn money at bank, they follow your car and at signal or at turning a guy tells you that your car is leaking petrol. When you stop and go back to check, they vanish with your cash full brief case kept in the car. *If old illiterate people come to bank to deposit amount, they try to help to fill yup pay in slip correctly and advise you to check denominations correctly. On the pretext of verifying denominations, they take cash and run away. *They watch weak / old/ ladies who enter the locker room and come out with bulged purse / bags, outside the bank a boy comes speedily running and knock them down, some other will come and help you to stand up. By the time you recovered from your shock, your valuable bag is vanished.

How they cheat you on trains: They enter the strain as gentle passengers at evening time, become very friendly and offer eatables and cool drinks as they also take. After taking them, you fell unconscious and they disappear with your luggage. *In reserved compartments, ladies cabin, when all passengers asleep at night, awaiting one passenger lady opens others' suitcases with readily carrying duplicate keys, takes out cash jewellary and hands over them to the male companion outside and comes and sleeps as usual.

How they cheat with the name of alliances: They release very attractive sound, lucrative ads in press calling alliances for a rich, highly placed IT / Dr. boy settled abroad. Gullible people on competition approach and hurriedly marry their daughters. After taking the girl abroad, boy proves bogus, in a petty job, even already married and needs an unpaid servant. *Releases high profile tempting ads calling alliances for a high net worth business magnet having crores worth turnover in various cities. Poor parents arrange hurried marriage without verifying credentials and repent later he found to be not in business, but wives in various cities.

What make the gullible people to become pretty for cove men: There are numerous number of reasons how they become easily prey for them. Because they are professional cheaters, expert in their job, some of the reasons are illiteracy, poverty, greed, jealous, competition with neighbours or relatives, lethargy, negligence, lack of interest in hard work, over smartness, forced circumstances, failure in all attempts, belief in superstitions and luck, thinking opposite man is innocent, gambling mentality, lack of opportunities.

How to escape from cove men: The above examples are only a few. There are cheats everywhere, every step of life. Sometimes even highly educated, knowledged, city people are also trapped by them. Then how to escape from them? It is simple. Be aware. Only awareness is the trusted guard to protect you. What are the awareness principles to be exercised to get out from various cheats? Follow these simple awareness rules. *Be cautious all the time. *Do not reveal your identity, personal details to unknown people. *If any new person quickly moves close as friend / Good Samaritan, do not take his help. *On journey, do not accept eatables from others. *It is not advisable for old / children to go for bank /ATM work. When carrying huge cash, jewellary, it is advisable to have a companion. *After withdrawing heavy cash as far as possible, reach back your place. *Old / child / ladies are not advisable to go to uncrowded ATMs late nights. *Do not keep heavy cash, plenty jewels at home. *Lonely ladies do not walk afternoons, late night wearing jewellary in isolated places. *Do not plan to supersede your neighbour in short cut methods. *It may be daughter's alliance or deal even it late. Verify full details. *If any person is offering anything free, for less price believe it he is cheating you. *Finally believe your intuition, which is the best alarm to save you from all types of cheats. So follow above awareness principles and save your hard earned money, peace of mind, health and even your family's precious lives.

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