Majority of urban people are adopting single child family norm, because of various problems/reasons. Whereas, many married couple will not have children due to high levels of stress, strain & long hours of job. Thousands of children die every year because of lack of awareness and negligence on the part of parents. Therefore, it is extremely essential for all the parents to take all sorts of safety and security measures to protect their offsprings for their future. Here are some precious safety and security awareness tips for your children.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR BABIES: *Right from pregnancy, mother should go for periodical checkup of health. *Keep a watch on newborn children. When infants are take to hospitals be watchful. *Never leave them under the care of strangers, since children lifters are more at maternity homes and hospitals. After certain limit, without further delay take the child to the doctor. *Keep fresh medicines for cough, cold and fever handy. *Keep wastebaskets covered or out of reach of children. *Ensure all carpets are firmly tacked or taped in place. *Remove tables with glass tops. *Never leave water standing in the tub. *When your little one is in the tub, keep your hand by your child's back or use a bath ring. Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom. *Use an anti skid mat or stickers in the tub to prevent falls. *Check all toys for small part sand discard any items, which may pose a choking hazard.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR TODDLERS: *While traveling on bus or car, do not allow the child to keep their head and hands out of window. *While in train do not allow them to walk freely. Accompany them for toilet or washbasin. *Do not keep precious jewels on infant and leave them unattended. *Advice the dangers of electrical equipment and live wires. *Know the First Aid. *Close the grill gate or provide short gate for main door to prevent crawling children going out. *If your house has water sump, lock it. *Construct upper floor's parapet wall/balcony walls 4 feet high. *Do not keep sharp edged knifes, scissors, pins within the reach of infants. *Install locks on drawers and cabinets that are within a child's reach. *Keep all sharp utensils in a licked cabinet or drawers. *Place hot food items in the center of the table to prevent children from pulling them off. *Insecticides, liquids, sprays and tablets should not be left lying around. *Keep away colored naphthalene balls and fresheners from children's reach. *Toddlers discover the world by putting it in their mouths. The same goes for bottle caps, pins, coins, bands or earrings. *Tie up blind cords and get wires out of reach through concealed wiring. *Unplug appliances when not in use. *Lock the refrigerators. *Keep stairs clear of cutter and properly illuminated. *Use gates to prevent children from playing on the stairs. *Do not use accordion-style gates. *Banister rails should not be more than four inches apart to avoid children from placing their head in between. *If you have shelves in your family room, remove the bottom shelf to prevent children from climbing on it. *Keep high chairs away (far enough) from the table or counters to prevent children from pushing them over. *Remove small objects from lower shelves. *Hang emergency phone numbers near telephone. *Do not place furniture under windows. Children love to climb. *Put all toys away at the end of the day and use a night light. *Keep lid down in the toilet to prevent the child from playing in toilet. *Purchase toys recommended for the age of your child. Never store toys on the top of furniture or on shelves in a closet. Children may fall while climbing to reach these toys.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR CHILDREN: Advice children not to go near strangers and unfamiliar people. *Advice them not to take any eatables from strangers. *Advice them not to go along with strangers with a lure of chocolate or gift. *Advice hem to stay within school premises once the school is over until the pickup vehicle comes. *Advice the school watchman not to allow the child to go with strangers/ vehicles, other than your school vehicle. *High-income people, people with enmity, rivals etc. should take extra care about their children. Such people should arrange a personnel guard for children while playing outside home. *do not allow children to play in street, where stray dogs are present in that area. *Do not allow them to offer eatables to stray dogs. *Do not allow them to play near anthills, foothills, riverbanks, open bore wells, ground level wells, forests. *Do not allow them to fly kites on rooftops. *Warn them to be away from power cables when they are very close to portico/roof tops. *Make sure the plug points are at your eye level and not the baby's. *If you have low plug points make sure they are protected with dummy plugs when not in use or get covers for all low plug points. *Keep the door bolted if it opens onto a corridor leading to a lift. *If you have a bar in the family room, ensure that the alcohol is locked safely. *When emptying your pockets at night, put items in a childproof container. *Avoid using electrical equipment close to water sources, as they may lead to electric shocks. *Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from all sources of heat. *Children should never be allowed near a firework - a responsible adult has to be in charge. *Don't wear loose/synthetic clothing while lighting fireworks *Always keep a couple of buckets of water handy. *Never light a firework in an enclosed area. Do so in the open. *Light fireworks on a hard, smooth level surface. *Light sparklers and other hand-held crackers away from the body. *Place the flowerpots on the ground; never hold in hand before igniting. *In case of burns, pour cold water over the affected part and consult a doctor immediately. Never apply any oil or ointment on the burnt skin. *Never try to re-ignite any cracker that has not fully functioned. *Sprinkle water on crop heaps, huts, partial grass roofs, tents etc. *Close all windows and doors of your home during crackers bursting festival period to avoid fire accidents. *Light one at a time. * Never throw fireworks at other people. *Never carry fireworks in your pocket. *Never shoot them in a metal or glass containers. *Observe local laws and use good common sense. *To avoid children missing, follow the below mentioned guidelines: (i) always pin school/residence address card on their uniform/clothes. (ii) Make children a practice of keeping children's latest photo at home. (iii) Remember 2 or 3 birthmarks of your children.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR CHILDREN WELFARE: *Identify the field of interest of your child and encourage and educate him/her in that line, but not in your field of interest. This way without any tussle force, support, natural way your child will naturally progress and prosper. *Give your child rightful parental affection and make them realize that you really love them. *Your children needs your affectionate attention. So, spend time with your children rather than compensating with material things. *Give proper discipline to your children. Best way is instead of telling, you follow the discipline which automatically your children adopt. *Whatever you wish to teach your children first you adopt. Without telling them, automatically they will follow. So, practice instead of preaching in your walk of life. *Involve and assist in all needy times of your child, which is more than any precious gift. *You know your children's ability. So do not expect to do miraculous achievements beyond their capacity. *Do not force, humiliate for higher achievements. Do not compare and make children feel ashamed with achievers. *Be supportive and attentive during children's need of the hour like project works, exams etc. *Before exams assure them with confidence that not to worry for the outcome and to do with best of his efforts. *Explain him education is an important requirement only, but not every thing to lead life. So, not to worry for any unexpected failure. *Have open communication on all matters with children which will bring clear understanding and shows clear guidance and enhance their confidence. *While children are studying, maintain silence by avoiding watching TV, listening music, loudly speaking to guests. This shows your importance towards child's education. *Do not give excess money as pocket money to children to show your affection, which spoils them instead of helping them. *Ask periodically whether children are coping up with lessons. If lagging, support them with reference books or arranging right tuitions. *Ensure that your children do not fall in to life trap of drugs and intoxications. *When they newly join in any college, see that whether they are humiliated by ragging. *Before exam results announcement, assure your children not to worry for the results and accept what ever it comes. *If your child has failed in exam, for god sake do not get annoyed at him. Instead give total assurance to him that with more efforts he can pass next time and assure him that we are with you. *In addition to that few days for a fortnight you do not leave or allow your child to go out lonely at any cost, so that you can protect your affectionate child from attempting from any extreme. *Even though your child has done some blunder, never shower thunders on him, which may lead to his sudden extreme step. So, always suppress your anger, pardon and peacefully pursue him.

The above mentioned safety and security awareness tips for children are just only a beginning. There are numerous, unending tips to be taken at every step, time to time, for protection of your children. So, with ever new awareness tips identified, add and protect your children.


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Extremely Serious Warnings: Controlling children of age 2 to 5 is very difficult. If any open bore wells are there in your surroundings, arrange for their closure immediately. Do not keep your sump doors open, look them or make them not possible for kids to open. Keep your compound gate locked if your house is situated on traffic road. Do not allow kids outside home during rainy seasons, if any rain water filled new construction ditches are in your surroundings. Take extra caution while at water falls, beaches. See that they should not insert their hands into the cages of wild animals at zoo. Do not keep pesticides or dangerous chemicals accessible. Keep off from knifes/ Vepons. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONLY YOU ALONE CAN BRING THE REVOLUTION. JOIN THE GIGANTIC WAR ON IGNORANCE NOW. EACH ONE EMAIL/GIVE COPIES/CIRCULATE TO READ FOR TEN TODAY. SPREAD AWARENESS, MULTIPLY YOUR FRIENDS.