Why everyone dreams to have their own home? It is the ever attracting little shelter to call of our own in the world, which gives us psychological satisfaction, convenience, safety, security, status, permanent address identity, personality, investment appreciation opportunity, emergency financial support, healthy living environments, close personal relationship with neighbors, respect worthy and peace of mind. It is shelter while living and invaluable memorial ever after.

Everybody dreams a home of their own in their lifetime. Some lucky may fulfill their dream and the remain stay unlucky only. Here are some all round useful tips to make your dream home a certain reality.

LOCATION OF THE PLOT: - *First of all you are supposed to choose a suitable plot in well developed or developing area with facilities like water supply, electricity, roads, nearer to schools, colleges, transport facility points, hospitals, markets, entertainment places, banks, routinely visiting office, parks etc. *But away from areas of anti-social elements, high ways, prayer places, grave yards, industrial areas, brick clin like smoky places, isolated undeveloped, low lying, sewage drains, hill base, ponds, forest, river bank, seashores, natural calamities pron areas, land filled up areas, smelling factories like sugar, hazardous like chemical factories, high tension towers, communication towers, airports, railway tracks, mines etc. *Plot with rocks, odd shapes are to be better avoided. *If you can't afford centrally located such convenient big plot, it is advisable to opt for smaller plot itself.

ENGAGE PROFESSIONALS: - *Even-though getting things done by non-professionals looks economical, it is always advisable to take help of professional like real estate agents for selecting the plot, property matters expert advocate for legal guidance in buying the plot to avoid later numerous problems, banks for financial assistance, architects, civil, structural engineers, plumbers, electricians, building contractors, interior decorators will contribute a lot in completing your quality dream home timely which will not have any later problems and ensure trouble free, peaceful living.

PLAN SMALL HOME: - *Small home numerous advantages. *For small home you need small plot. *Since small plot is economical, even you can try it in a centrally located, developed locality. *Since you plan small built up area, you need small budget. *So, you can plan early and start early. *Small houses comparatively appreciate high. In case of emergencies comparatively it is very easy to sell. *Since small homes will have close by home, it is more secured. *Comparatively, maintenance is easy and costs less. *You need less water, less electricity. *Periodical taxes are minimum. *Since closely covered homes automatically weather conditions are controlled to certain level. *In certain places low budget home will not attract income-tax surveillance while selling / buying. *Therefore, one who can't afford a bigger house in a bigger plot can opt for smaller plot in a centrally located or developed locality and to go for small plinth area into ground plus first floor by leaving more open surrounding place for air, light, gardening and parking etc. *This method is more economical, safe, secure, healthy, utility and multiple advantageous.

TIPS FOR ECONOMY: - *Usage of locally available building materials will be economical, timely available. *Construction of natural house as guided by HUDCO, instead of conventional house, it will reduce the cost up to 40 %. *Such houses are ecofriendly, look natural, don't need any finishing and never needs painting at all. *Even though teak wood is preferred, but by using other woods or substitutes it can save up to 50 % of the wood cost. *If funds are short you can take up cupboards, wardrobes etc. work later also.

HOUSE PLAN: - *After purchasing your desired plot; your architect will design your dream home with available floor space, number of rooms. *Their sizes along with hall, kitchen, bathroom, pooja room etc. *keeping your budget and future expansions in mind he may make plan for 2 or 3 floors to facilitate local competent authorities at a time. *But initially, you can go as per your available budget for ground floor or more.

SAFETY AND SECURITY TIPS IN EXECUTION:- VALUABLE TIPS TO REMEMBER WHILE CONSTRUCTIING A HOME: - *Always take an expert architect services while planning your dream home. *His rich experience and wide knowledge will certainly make you beneficial. *Plan dream home early. *Implement it quickly. See soon it is as reality. *Plan savings early and systematically. *First buy a plot even small. *After buying the plot, wait for sometime to accumulate your savings. *If your savings fall short, go to safe, less burden institutional home loan. *Since you need smaller budget for smaller home you can start your home early.*Before foundation of your home, treat your plot with anti termite treatment.*It is not more no. of room or wider rooms makes the home comfortable. *It is the right planning and efficient utility of space makes the home comfortable. *If it is small home, provide the privacy for other rooms from hall. *Keep more open space for air / light. *Always use wide cross ventilation. *Utilize 30 to 40 % wall space for doors / windows. *Compulsorily keep room (top & bottom) ventilators. *Do not keep bottom doorframes for interior doors. *Lock pads of main door and interior doors keep at 3' high so that, infants cannot lock themselves from inside. *Similarly try to keep electrical plugs at high level so that infants can't reach them. *Since many people see house with the concept of Vastu, it is advisable to plan your home as per the view of vastu with the point of sale of the house in future. *As a safety precaution, keep an attached window to the main door, so that only window can be opened when unknown persons come. *Avoid slippery tiles for flooring, as they are dangerous to infants and old people. *It is always advisable to have one front door and one back door. *Convenient home is one, which utilizes the available space in cubicular (3 dimensional) way. *So, except hall, in kitchen and other rooms erect south and west walls fully with wardrobes and lofts. *Similarly box type cots will increase your storing space. *Advance furniture system has brought sofa cum bed furnitures for small homes. *Coming days are of solar energy. *For economy, every saving goes for solar energy appliances. *If funds shortage, at least make provision for near future application. *Raise the roof level little higher than normal, so that home will be cool in summer. *While making shelves in kitchen, make big shelves at bottom and small shelves at above. *Since water is going to be a scarce commodity in future, make provision of rainwater collection/harvesting facilities in the compound. *For the safety of family members, make provision for LPG gas cylinders chamber beneath kitchen platform, but placing provision from outside with grill gates and locking facility. *If you make exteriors like lawn landscape etc., interior decorations, they add value to your home. *Extreme hot / cold location home to build with hollow bricks for weather conditioning. *Snow falling localities to construct conical roofed homes. *Severe summer location homes are advisable to paint white or light painting externally. *Severe winter locality homes are advised to paint dark shades externally. *Low lying locality homes must construct with raised ground and first floor without fail.

TIPS FOR BATHROOMS: - *Inside bolting arrangements such that the door can be open from outside with little force from outside in emergencies. *Use anti-skid tiles for laying, fixture in bathrooms do not interfere with free movement as for as possible no sharp projection on the walls. *Preserve architect prepared drawings of electrical, plumbing, sanitary pipe laying etc. works for any problem occurs, they will help to solve problems easily.

*Even-though you have entrusted different jobs to different contractors, it is strongly advisable to supervise every work periodically by your architect, civil, structural engineers and you. *Woodwork you can choose s per your requirements. *Never compromise on materials quality. *Always use BIS certified materials, particularly electrical wires and goods.

PAINTING AWARENESS TIPS: - The colour therapy has got uinique impact of colours on human psyche along with the scientific application of each hue in order to achieve harmony. They reflect the tastes and personality of inhabitants. *Red: Improves vitality, activity, passion, aggression, desire and appetite, warmth. Perfect colour for entertainment or interiors. *Yellow: Signifies warmth, optimism, joy, exuberance, idealism and enlightenment. *Blue: Creates a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Ideal for study, small places. It is associated with depression. *Green: Associated with growth, freshness, good luck, youth and vigour, efficiency, firmness, persistence, reforms, negativities, envy and sickness. *Purple: Enhances perfection, mystique and nobility. *White: Represents peace, simplicity, precision and reverence. *Black: Elegant and sensual, flip sie, mystery, fear, depression and grief.

FINANCE: - *To construct your own house, you have to mobilize adequate funds time to time for smooth and uninterrupted execution. *So, you have to decide the budget plus 10 to 15 % extra as margin for escalation of building materials and unexpected additional work. *So, you have to raise the funds from your own. *If you are going to raise from banks / financial institutions for assistance take financial expert opinion in choosing the best institution offers competitive, timely modifying scheme with no hidden costs.

So, depend as per your budget, need and time. Plan your dream home and practically make it a reality. There may be some readers left with some specific requirements/doubts/guidance are requested to contact the Founder on phone.

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