Educated or illiterate, all most every body strongly believes that, health is the prime wealth and foundation for happiness. For such health lovers, nature has given plenty natural, easy health provides in the form of fruits and vegetables. One among such healthy gift to the mankind is garlic. Garlic is easily, every where, in all seasons available, at affordable cost, even for the poor. Let us see the unlimited health benefits of garlic.

Garlic is a boon for heart patients. It has got the property of reducing Cholesterol levels in the blood. Heart patients or people who want to protect their heart in advance, are advised to take a raw clove of garlic with water, before breakfast, continuously for 2 to 3 months.

It is a fungus enemy. Garlic works well for the patients suffering with fungal legs. Take 5 garlics, cut them into small pieces, put them into a glass bowl, pour olive oil on them and cover them. Share the bowl well twice daily. After 4 days, filter the mixture and takeout oil. Apply this oil daily twice, at fungus infected areas of foot, to root out infection.

Garlic is a best remedy for eczema patients. Crush few garlic cloves; apply the extracted juice on affected areas. Slowly eczema will vanish, on regular application. Since it will create light burning sensation, sensitive skin people to be cautious, initially.

It is a great home remedy for cough, cold, bronchitis, throat pain, throat irritation etc. Garlic syrup is a wonderful sure home remedy for all those problems. Take 8 to 10 garlics, cut skinned cloves into small pieces, place those pieces as a thin layer in a glass vessel, cover that with a thin layer of sugar, on that again place a layer of garlic pieces and again cover that with sugar layer, close the vessel with out adding any water. After 3 days, filter the mixture and extract garlic syrup. Take this syrup thrice a day, to get free from above ailments.

Garlic is a wonderful home remedy for corns. First, thoroughly clear the area of corn. Clean surrounding area with spirit cloth. Take a knife of fresh blade and cut the protruding corn as much as possible, carefully. Do not cut deeply. Diabetic patients are advised to take the help of a physician. Take 2 cloves of garlic, equal quantity of onion, together crush them, mix little vinegar and apply this paste on the corn area and allow it for 10 to 20 minutes. On regular application like this, your corn will disappear.

Garlic is a great remedy for boils. Crush garlic cloves into past and apply the paste on boils like a layer, keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it away.

Garlic prevents from heart diseases and stroke. It has a wonderful ability of preventing blood from clotting. Patients with heart problems, who want to prevent heart ailments and stroke in future, are recommended to regularly consume garlic.

It has got ability to prevent from atherosclerosis. Garlic prevents the virus from the accumulation of cholesterol, which ultimately creates disaster to the heart. Regular consumption of raw or cooked garlic prevents from such complications. Garlic gives immediate great relief to the patients, suffering with severe joint pain. Apply a thin layer of garlic paste at the affected area.

Indigestion and lack of appetite are symptoms for forth attacking diseases. Garlic is a sure house remedy for both of them. Such people are advised to consume regularly garlic in raw or cooked form.

People suffering with skin problems can apply garlic oil at the affected areas, to get cure from the ailment.

People suffering with anal infections are advised to consume over night garlic soaked in honey, in addition to garlic decoction enema.

Garlic is a great blessing for aids patients. Garlic is a great immune booster. That's why 20% of the aids patients of the world are living healthy, by consuming sufficient garlic in either form.

For people suffering with acne, garlic works wonders. It works better than any antibiotics or expensive cosmetics. By regular consumption of garlic, shortly acne problems will be eliminated.

If any one has stomach ace, crush 2 garlic cloves with little salt, boil this mixture in a cup of water and consume it, when it comes to warm temperature.

Garlic is a great blessing for patients suffering with fits. It prevents them from frequent attack of fits and reduces the severity to minimum, when attacks.

It is a sure friend for asthma patients. They are advised to take a cup of warm milk twice daily, boiled with a garlic clove. They will save heart attacks and even on such attack, the severity will be minimal.

Garlic is a blessing for people who wish to live long. It is a life enhancer, which slows down the ageing process. It keeps you young and youthful, for longer period, on regular consumption.

It is proved, in exhaustive research that 90% of the people who lived beyond 90 years, were regular consumers of garlic in their routine food.

Garlic is great stress buster. Stress is the origin of several disastrous diseases. Garlic regular use keep off stress and ultimately precious health is yours.

It also keeps off very many physical and mental illnesses.

Garlic is the right remedy for patients suffering with depression. It's regular consumption in food steadily eradicate depression. It is a wonderful remedy for the people who feel weak, dull or lack of energy. Garlic is an instant energy booster in such people.

In Unani, Garlic is used as energy boosting tonic.

There are endless curing properties of garlic. It is a nature's wonder gift, which provides energy, enhances immune system, prolongs youthfulness, longevity and protects from various diseases and ailments. Making a habit of consuming garlic only proves all rounds beneficial to every body.