Wonder nature provided many wonderful things to the humanity, particularly, health protecting vegetables and fruits. One among such precious health protector is Ginger. It is believed to have originated from India, slowly enter to China and later to the World. Ginger was used as a spice, as well as for medicinal use, from the beginning in India, as well as in China. In ancient Greek also, different physicians used ginger, to cure various diseases and ailments. Now, let us see the various curing properties of ginger.

Peel out skin of ginger pieces, put it in lemon juice over night and consume the piece in the early morning, with empty stomach. This will work as wonderful overall health tonic..

Cut ginger into small pieces, fry them in ghee and mix those pieces with boiled sugar solution. Now to that mixture, add some honey which will form a semi solid paste, called 'Layhyam'. Regular consumption of that layhyam will work like a wonderful body toner.

Ginger mixed with the powder of triphala churan, will reduce any sort of cough steadily.

Few people feel giddiness, in the morning times. If they consume small pieces of ginger with salt, giddiness will disappear.

For people, who regularly suffer with ear pain, ginger is the effective home remedy. Take one spoon each of ginger juice, honey, coconut oil mix with little black salt and heat them. If you take 2 to 3 drops of that cooled decoction, any sort of ear pain will be vanishes.

If your throat is paining, take a mixture of dried ginger powder spoon with spoon honey twice a day.

If your tongue has lost distinguishing taste, take a small piece of ginger, laced with salt, before meal.

If any body is suffering with disturbances in stomach, or suffering with gastric trouble, take a small piece of ginger, laced with black salt powder ,twice a day, before your meal, will cure the problem.

Ladies suffering with severe menses pain are advised to take the mixture of a cup of ginger crush boiled water, mixed with little sugar.

Ginger is a great blessing for the people who are feeling guilty, because of not satisfying their spouse. Ginger enhances enormous strength to perform and satisfy the partner, in sexual act. This is an easy, simple, economical, sure home remedy for all those weak performers. Take a spoon of ginger juice, mixed with a spoon of honey and eat a half boiled egg, in the evening continuously for 40 days. One can't believe his own performance.

Those who suffer regular head ache are advised to apply a layer, on their forehead with a paste of dried ginger, taken out by rubbing on a stone.

Ginger is a wonderful, easy, simple, highly effective home remedy for asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

To get immediate relief from influenza, take a cup of fenugreek seeds boiled juice, mixed with a spoon of ginger juice and a spoon of honey.

Ginger is a sure and simple remedy for cough and cold. Take twice a day the mixture of a spoon of ginger juice with a spoon of honey. If cold is severe, then other instant alternative for that is, boil few pieces of ginger, then mix little sugar for that decoction. Take that decoction twice in a day.

When you feel heavy stomach, indigestion, vomiting due to jaundice, consumed spicy or heavy non-vegetarian food, take the mixture of a spoon, juice of each, ginger, lemon, mint, with honey for immediate relief.

Ginger is a blessing for the people who suffer from various types of digestion problems. If they take a little piece of ginger after meal, their problems will be vanished permanently.

For children's stomach problems or intestinal problems, give the mixture of a spoon of ginger juice mixed with honey.

Ginger is the best permanent cure for jaundice. Take the mixture of one spoon of dried ginger powder mixed with a cup of milk, once a week.

For senior citizens or for chronic tooth ache sufferer, roast a spoon of dry ginger powder, add little powder salt and use the powder for brushing the teeth.

To get cure from constipation, flatulence and piles, prepare a mixture of a spoon of ginger juice, two spoons juice of each leman and mint, mix with ten spoons of honey. Take this mixture twice a day.

To get relief from soar throat, chew and eat a small piece of ginger.

People suffering with travel sickness, i.e. getting vomiting on journey, are advised to take ginger boiled decoction, before journey.

Ginger is a great blessing for arthritis and austio arthritis patients. They get great relief, if they take ginger juice, ginger tea or dried ginger powder mixed in hot water.

Ginger is an excellent preventive remedy from paralysis and all sorts of heart problems. It prevents blood from clotting and helps the blood to flow smoothly.

There are many people who work under great pressure, if they take ginger tea, they will be relieved from stress.

If you regularly consume ginger in your food, it works like an anti-oxidant in our body and prevents from various types of cancers. It will not allow any sort of tumors formation in the body.

Ginger is a great blessing for people, who are over weight or obese. It works wonderfully in controlling the body weight.

It is an excellent tonic for the liver. Ginger cleans lever and strengths it's overall performance.

Ginger is a sure, simple home remedy for unbearable migraine. Put little saffron in a spoon of ginger juice, allow it over night. If you put 2 drops of that juice in that side nostril, which side you suffer head ache, your migraine will disappear slowly.

Even though ginger is a very common vegetable available in every kitchen, its regular consumption prevents from various ailments. Whoever love and care their health, they must make it a practice of using ginger, regularly without fail.