Human life is precious one. One third of childhood goes in attaining and settling for life. Final one third of life goes as old age in search of spiritual destiny. Therefore, only middle one third of married life is the real fragrance of life to be enjoyed to the maximum. But, unfortunately because of little lack of awareness, how to maintain relations, majority of married couple, instead of enjoying the life's precious picnic gift, they make it hell, by hating each other. In fact, little prevention awareness tips will eliminate any disaster. Sri Mission wishes all the couple, to enjoy their life as memorable, colourful, everlasting picnic than, ever hateful nightmare hell. So, here are some awareness tips for couple for ever harmonious married life.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR HUSBANDS: *The real meaning of life is sacrifice, not self gain. So, if you love your spouse, try to sacrifice [for the sake of spouse]. *Understand your spouse's mood and communicate accordingly. *No one succeeds in their goal without the support of their spouse. So, help the spouse to the possible extent, in work. *Where ever you cannot mould your spouse as per your likings, there, adjustment is the final solution for the best results. *Correctly receive and pass on the message in your spouse's absence. *Love is the most powerful, positive weapon, to win any body. Try to win your spouse with love, in every aspect. *Err is human. Try to excuse the mistake of your spouse, until the spouse realizes by herself. Never try to punish or take revenge for any act. Forgiveness is the positive, frictionless punishment. *If you wish to win your spouse, do not keep any secret between you and your spouse. Keep your life as an open book. *Inform any important events that take place in your spouse's absence or happenings while on tour. *Understand your spouse's likes and dislikes and strictly try to act accordingly. *Try to have dinner together. Try to go for an evening walk together. Try to spend possible spare time with your spouse. *Try to watch a comedy TV serial together with your spouse. *Once in a month go out for a comedy movie/magic show/cultural program with your spouse. *Once in a month, go for a short distance picnic with your spouse. *Once in a year, go out for a tour to any hill station, with your spouse. *Whenever opportunity comes, praise your spouse's beauty, smartness, personality and behavior. *Whenever possible, remember and reveal happy events, moments spent together earlier. *Show sincere concern for your spouse's necessities. *Declare rest for your spouse a sudden holiday and as a surprise, take her to the hotel once in a while. *When your spouse is sick, keep your busy schedule aside and show your concern, by accompanying to the doctor. Contact her once in a while on phone and enquire the condition of your spouse's health. * While on long tour, whatever it may be your busy schedule, contact your spouse and ask about the welfare and the happenings at home. * Total affection must always reflect, in your conversation, with your spouse. *Always put your self into the shoes of your spouse, think like her and behave. *Frankly express your feelings and ask your spouse to express her feelings. *Give positive feedback about attitude, behavior, personal relations for your spouse's development. *Always promise less and fulfill more, to your spouse. *Respect your spouse's ideas/opinions and try to suggest to enhance them curiously. *Take care of spouse's all needs like health, food, dress, work requirements, tour preparations etc. *When you love your spouse sincerely, you get twice in return. *At least take a photo, with your spouse once a year. *Always talk high about your spouse, when you speak to others. *Attend social gatherings, community functions together. *Never compare and show your spouse, inferior to others. *Never keep grudges and try to take revenge. Forgiveness is the everlasting best solution. So, always forgive and forget. *For any family problem, do not blame your spouse alone, share joint responsibility and try to take joint remedial measures. *Never order to do everything like a boss. Always try to talk like a friend. *Always try to remember that, it is not your hard earned millions will make her happy, but your little spare time of few minutes, spent affectionately with her. *When you spend life long with your clients, colleagues, friends affectionately, after all, why you will be annoyed with in few minutes with your wife? *Discuss for important decisions with your wife, which will enhance her decision making abilities, bewares family affairs, besides enhancing her confidence and love for you. *Real affectionate husband is he, who voluntarily extends his helping hand, whenever he can, to his wife. *If your wife is also in service, then it is your duty to share some domestic work to reduce her burden. Let her realize your sincere investment of time, energy, spirit and love, as true commitment for her. *Respect her feelings. Occasionally if she wants to visit parents/relatives/friends for unavoidable occasions, send her. After all temporary separation enhances love. *Irrespective of your mood, be courteous with your spouse. Remember that, your spouse is the only person who sacrifices everything for you. *Do not lie and try to manipulate. This will create ever lasting suspicion and aggravate the problem. Frankly revealing the fact will clear off, the clouds for ever. *Instead of arguing, try to discuss and amicably settle the matters. *Do not criticize, blame your spouse's family members. Ever try to praise, appreciate their family members, friends and colleagues. *Even on over involvement of work/schedule do not ignore the spouse, give proper attention. *Do not loose your temper and always deal with patience. *Don't be different, at difficult times. Sincerely involve in solving all the problems of your spouse. *Never complain on your spouse, to children, relatives and friends. Instead frankly put your complaint before the spouse for rectification. *Do not entertain, any third party complaints on your spouse.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR WIVES: *Do not try to mould your husband as per your wishes, dreams, goals and mottos. Try to walk, support and enjoy in the path of your husband. *Identify the good qualities, attitudes in your husband, such as he is a good speaker, very daring person, smart in looks, looks like a hero in suite, etc. So praise his good qualities when ever you get opportunity. *Observe in which way, your husband is better, in comparison than others husband, (for ex. Bringing gifts, taking for movies regular intervals) remained same thing with your husband and praise him, on possible occasions. *Try to turn things with positive approach. Keep total confidence on him and express your opinion, now and then, in your talks with your friends, so as to listen your husband, so that, he will hesitate to go wrong ways. *You must become a great fan of your husband, like to a great hero or cricket player, love him, and serve him as if, that is your duty and devotion. * Think, visualize, encourage, guide and help in all aspects of life of your husband, such as his job, ambition, cultural, creative, hobbies etc. Believe it that, his achievements are your attainments. *You must work like a sincere supporter to advise you husband, in all situations like job, responsibilities, critical situations, financials matters etc. *You must work like a sincere friend and share the small jobs like banking, paying bills, entertaining of relatives etc. and let your husband feel your extension of sincere cooperation. *Keenly observe and practice them, what are all the things, which way talking will please him, and try accordingly, to please him, every possible way. *Notice his likings of taste, different dishes and prepare them regularly and feed him to his satisfaction, like a mother. *When he is sick, you look after all his medical needs and physical help, devotionally like a sister. *For any angry or dispute situations, do not get annoyed and do not keep mum. Even if your husband is in the same way, you try to plead and please him. *Try to manage and satisfy with your husband's income. Even if you wish to expect more income, try to encourage and inspire him, in right direction with in his capacity. Never try to force him in wrong means with your greed. *Try to behave and act as per the wishes and tunes of your husband. Automatically he respects your likings. *Show your feeling clearly to your husband that he works restlessly, very hard for the sake of you and family. *Do not make repeated complaints of tiny, small shortages. Instead, if you can bring his attention indirectly, he will automatically fulfill your needs. *Do not try extra smartly and try to keep your husband in control, and get all your wishes fulfilled, by hook or crook. When he realizes your crookedness, you will be at receiving end. *Anybody easily fall prey for suspicion. So, do not suddenly attack and hurt your husband with baseless rumors, and be lost your heavenly married life. *Always keep all the destroy homely things in order, with in your reach. Keep the home well decorated and attractive. *Let your spouse know continually you are proud of and ever believe in him. *While with others, agree with him maximum times, if not all the times. *Avoid any kind of secrets kept from him. *Even though he sends you to your parent's/relative's house, do not stay long, return as early as possible. *It is better for a woman to marry a man who loves her, than a man she loves. *Dress well and welcome your husband with smile in the evening when he returns from office, which totally eliminates all his day tiredness. *First you listen everything, patiently your husband's version without interruption, to gain his heart. Tactfully seeing his good mood, you put before your point of view. *For any mistake/blunder - a sincere, simple expression of "sorry" will clear off the problem forever. Try and see how simple it is. *Show clearly your total dependency on your husband for love, support, guidance, help, as if he is your dependable respectable senior. *Complete your domestic work early and try to sit and spend more time with him, when he returns evening from office. *Plan well, wisely make shopping, smartly save money. *Do not do works, as just that is your duty. Do all the works, as if, you do with full dedication of love. *Intelligent wife smartly realizes and fulfills all the needs of the husband tactfully. But, if same thing your husband tells, do it immediately, instead your husband reminds repeatedly. *Control your wishes and try to live continuous feast, contended life. When the time comes, your husband will fulfill your wishes, which already he knows. *Read, listen, watch, know, enquire and tell the useful, progressive, interesting information your husband needs. *Even if you have any difference of opinion with your husband, while talking with others, love and respect must reflect in your words. *Always remember "ACTS- 4 precious catalyst for successful family life. They are ADJUSTMENT, CONTENTMENT, TOLERANCE, SACRIFICE". *Always remember APES: four beautifying jewels for family life. They are "A: Appreciation, P: Prize, E: Encouragement, S: Support." *Share worries of your spouse to reduce them, take part in the happy occasions to multiply them.
AWARENESS TIPS FOR BOTH: *In married life, forgetfulness is a blessing. Try to forget all differences, disputes at the earliest. *Periodically analyze your self, whether you are keeping your spouse all round happy? If not, try to keep. If yes, try to enhance further. *Always respect your spouse, in front of others, particularly children. *Accept your spouse as it is and feel that as your life companion. *Never speak when you are angry or annoyed, until you come back to normal. *Never bring up the mistakes of the past. *Do not care entire world, rather than each other. *If you have done a mistake, frankly tell that instantly and ask for forgiveness. *Never let a day pass without saying a pleasing complement, for your spouse. *Instead of alone, do some possible things together. *Marriage shouldn't be a power struggle at all, but should be a happy and friendly relationship, where both love, care, respect and harmoniously coexist with each other. *Always remember "Spouse" is the ever closely attached thing to your heart. It is invaluable abbreviation form of SACRIFICE, PARTNER FOR EVER, ONE SOUL, UNDERSTANDING, SUPPORTIVE, EXCUSE. *Remember important events of your spouse like birthday, wedding day and any other day of achievement. Compulsorily wish in the morning and give a pleasant gift on important occasions. * Present a special unexpected surprise gift to your spouse occasionally. * While on tour, without fail get a presentation, even a small thing, which pleases your spouse. *Never compare your spouse with others with four C's. They are CRITICIZE, CONDEMN, COMPLAIN AND COMPARE.

Now, by following the above mentioned awareness tips, we wish all the married couple to enjoy never ending happy and harmonious married life for ever.

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