If health is wealth in these days of stressful life then there is no doubt walking is the best to keep you all round fit, compared to any other exercise. Walking is the exercise which can be practiced without any investment on sophisticated gadgets. It requires no recurring expenditure like electricity, greasing, maintenance, space requirement for gadget, no fixed timing, no particular age to practice and no initial expenditure for training. Walking can be done at your own convenient time, at a location of your choice to keep you all round fit, sportive and joyful. What are all the unimaginable unlimited hidden benefits of ALL ROUND HEALTHY WALKING?

ALL ROUND GENERAL BENEFITS OF WALKING:*People suffering with arthritis, if regularly practices walking, arthritis will be reduced. Bone joints will become flexibly.*People suffering with lack of sleep or any sleep disorders will get sound sleep.*People suffering with breathing disorders like asthma, bronchitis, etc. will have great relief. Walking improves breathing efficiency.*Walking will improve your brain power.*Walking will reduce the chances of occurring colon cancer.*Paralytic attack chances will be reduced up to 40% by regular walking.*Regular walking practice will eliminate foot and leg ulcers in the old age.*Walking will improve your blood circulation.*It strengthens your muscles and bones in your body and ultimately reduces the risk of osteoporosis.*Walking improves mood, mind alertness and great helper in reducing mental depression.*Walking makes your joints strong.*Your lower back pain will be reduced by regular walking.*Walking reduces the risk of strokes.*It is a hidden fact that the walking will improve the body's energy levels.*For people suffering with mental disorders such as anxiety, stress, tension, etc. walking will be extremely useful.*For people suffering with type 2 diabetes, walking works like a wonderful drugless therapy. For them, first is exercise, later food control and finally medicines.*Walking not only controls weight gain but also maintains weight.*Walking reduces disastrously harmful blood cholesterol and indirectly helps your heart.*For people suffering from high blood pressure, walking is the best remedial medicine to keep it under control.*Walking strengthens your heart. It reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and helps to reduce the heart problem related death rate up to 75%.*Walking will help you to breathe precious ozone and pollution free air, if you go for walk early in mornings.*By walking, through the sweat, toxins hidden beneath the skin will go out and ultimately your skin will become brighter. You will be eliminating various minor skin ailments. *Smokers who can't quit smoking, if they regularly practice power walking, their lungs gain strength and improves their lung capacity.*For students and youth it strengthens brain power as well as improves the memory power.*There is no wonder drug than walking for anti aging. People who cross 30 and who wish to look young for long, make it a regular practice of walking to look fit and fair without fail.*There is no medicine for diabetes which is mother of all diseases. It is only "prevention", the greatest medicine for diabetes which is possible through regular walking.*Constipation is the origin of many diseases. It creates many digestion problems, lack of hunger, indigestion, heavy stomach, back pain, body pain, weakness, etc. All these problems can be eliminated by regular walking.*Walking prevents cancer and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients.*Walking improves your overall health of the body.*Walking improves your longevity compared to non walkers, Walkers live 5 to 10 years more.*Walking improves your activeness. *Lack of sound sleep causes stress, anxiety, irritability, reduces concentration, memory, creativity, increases blood pressure, causes accidents, reduces digestion, hunger, etc. All these problems can be eliminated by one stroke of following regular walking which induces sound sleep.*By practicing regular walking, intraocular pressure in the eyes can be avoided, which is major cause for glaucoma, which causes total blindness.*Improves stamina and boosts immune system.*Improves your body balance and relives stress.*Reduces the risk of gallstones and strokes.*It is the best free recreation.*It provides you invaluable, silent solitude.

BENEFITS FOR THE SENIOR CITIZENS:*Walking reduces the forgetfulness disease called "Dementia" in senior citizens and improves their memory power to great extent.*Walking reduces the risk of getting age related Alzheimer.*If people above the age of 45 regularly practice walking, 40% of the colone cancers will be eliminated.

BENEFITS FOR WOMEN:*If women practices walking regularly, the chances of getting breast cancer will be avoided to the reasonable extent. It is advisable for the ladies above the age of 35 years to make walking a regular habit.*Premenstrual syndrome is a sort of curse for ladies above 75%. Because of this ladies suffer severe back pain, headache, tiredness, anger, depression, etc. All these problems can be reduced by regular walking which protects them from premenstrual syndrome.

AWARENESS TIPS REGARDING HOW TO WALK: People while walking bend forward and walk to gain speed that is not advisable. While walking, your body must be straight, do not bend your shoulders and walk straight. Avoid army type march past and just walk normal. Move your hands straight while walking but do not bring them on to your chest or back .Do not bend your head and walk, your chin should be parallel to the ground and eyes should focus 20 to 30 feet ahead.

AWARNEES TIPS ABOUT SPEED WALKING: *Surely If a normal man, walks he can walk a mile 18 minutes .If he walks with little speed he can walk in 15 minutes. If the same man brisk walks in urgency he can walk a mile in 12 minutes. However one's brisk walk speed widely varies with age, fitness, body weight, season, weather, road condition etc. Then how to ascertains suitable walking speed for self, if it is not summer, it is not afternoon, you have to walk to sweat out your body, you should feel exhausted, at the same time not to such extent that you can't speak, if at all you feel heavily exhausted, you can take short rest and proceed. Usually when you start walking start with normal speed, steadily increase to your capacity speed and before closing also, steadily reduce your speed to normal.

AWARENESS TIPS ABOUT WALKING PLACE: For walking, jogging tracks are most suitable; otherwise walk on a smooth wide road free from dust and traffic. Early morning is the most suitable time for walking, but avoid before 6'o 'clock because of road robbers, evening after 5 P.M is also fine, but afternoons hot sun should be avoided, unless it is winter.

AWARNEES TIPS ABOUT WALKING SHOES: If you wish, you can walk without shoes on a beech near sea shore or on a well grown lawn or grass but if you want to go for a long walk, wearing correct suitable walking shoes is a must. All shoes are not suitable for walking. You should be very careful in choosing your walking shoes which should not be high heeled or heavy in weight. They should be as light as possible. They should not be stiff and to be very flexible. You have to change the walking shoes periodically (at least once in a year) .It is advisable to take walking shoes of a little bigger size compared to normal shoes ,because after walking for some time your foot will swell. Little bigger size selection will keep your leg comfortable during entire walking.

ABOUT WALKING DRESS: It is advisable to avoid tight dress for your body .Jogging suit is most suitable. They should be comfortable even while brisk walking and suitable for easy breathing. In summer cotton clothes are advisable, and in winter suitable warm clothes should be worn.

MISLANEOUS AWARENESS TIPS: Duration of walking - brisk walking for fit person- 30 minutes to 1 hour for normal aged walkers which is usually 8000 steps per day. Take A glass of water before starting and as much quantity after returning. Coffee or tea can be better avoided before, or after walking .When you are on tour or on emergency work, ill health, rainy season, or due to unavoidable circumstances you can skip walking for a day or two. Nothing goes wrong as an alternative simple spot jogging, simple exercise, yoga you can be practiced at home .Lone walking will be boring and possibilities of skipping are there. A company of another walker will make walking more interesting and helpful in case of emergency. Senior citizens above 60 with heart ailment, diabetics, high blood pressure, obesity patient, pregnant ladies, patients under treatment for chronic diseases who get chest pain on doing exercise are advised to take advice of their family doctor before initially starting on walking for the first time.

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