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Now-a-days, entire world is full of crimes and violence. Among the crimes, thefts, particularly house breaks are the majority which is causing great tragedy to the common people of society every day. It is estimated that every day more than 10000 major thefts apart from equal number of petty thefts taking place in the country. It is estimated that crores of rupees are being robbed in twenty four hours. Few lives are lost, hundreds are wounded and thousands are shocked because of daily thefts and house breaks. Even though, there are simple awareness tips to overcome from these thefts and house breaks, many innocent and illiterate people are put to this trauma, mainly because of their ignorance. There are so many insurance companies having various insurance schemes which will be covering your properties at little premiums. Because of ignorance, negligence, people are not utilizing them. Here are some of the precious awareness tips for how to overcome heart breaking house breaks.

FACTORS VULNERABLE FOR HOUSE BREAKS: The shrinking of family, working couples, increasing wealth, increasing poverty, the widening gap between the rich and poor, the tendency to display one's wealth, competitive acquisition to be one up on friends, neighbours and relatives, frequent traveling on work, and so on.. With people snug inside the four walls of their sweet homes after shutting the windows and doors, the burglars find it easy to strike a neighbourhood.

AWARENESS TIPS TO EQUIP SECURE HOUSE: Install burglar alarms and other security gadgets. Front doors should have locks at the top and bottom. Windows should be fitted with strong and closely built iron grills. Secure the windows like ventilators, skylights, bathroom windows by either putting iron bars or iron grills. If you have a backyard, raise the height of the compound wall and fix thorny glass pieces to prevent thieves from climbing the wall. Get your surroundings properly lit. CCTV's too are an option. Do not reveal travel plans to your servants. Avoid trees or shrubbery to hide doors and windows. Cut branches of trees that a thief can use to access a window or a sit out. Fix a magic eye to the main door and the safety chain should be fastened at all times, even if it leads to a little inconvenience. Make your home a secure place by using security gadgets. Please see that you have reasonably strong and secure doors and locks at the main entrance of the house. Keeping a watchdog is your best pet for personal safety. Generally watchdogs keep burglars at bay.

AWARENESS TIPS IN GENERAL: Do not leave the spare key hidden in places like above the door frame, below door mat or in the post box. Insure valuables on temporary basis. If you can afford, go for security guards. Keep jewellery and cash in a bank locker. If you are going out for dinner or a late party, keep the lights on in the house so as not to advertise an empty house. If you are alone in the house, do not let in any stranger into your house. If somebody rings the bell or knocks the doors peep through the 'Magic Eye' or window to find out who is at the door. If it is a postman or delivery man, use the chain lock system and collect the post/ parcel through the partially opened door, but before accepting the letter etc, ensure that it is the right person. If a person at the door says that he has come to check the installations like TV, gas or telephone, ask him to come later when the other members in the family return home or ask them to phone up for an appointment from their offices before coming. Do not reveal your identity or pass any information about yourself or your family to any stranger. Do not allow strangers or fresh acquaintances into the house. They may come on the pretext of enquiring about welfare or claiming to be friends of your near and dear ones are not at home. Avoid moving alone on the road with valuables and if you have to move regularly with valuables avoid engaging the same time everyday.

AWARENESS TIPS WHILE GOING ON VACATION: While going out on a holiday for a long period of time, inform your neighbours to keep an eye on your house. Stop newspaper and milk supply. Papers lying in bundles in front of the house could alert thieves about your absence. Use concealed locks on the main door. A conventional lock hanging on the door is another invitation for burglars. Never discuss your holiday plans with others in public. Leave a key with a trusted friend/neighbour/relative who can contact you in emergency. Leave your telephone number and address with your trusted ones. Lock all grills, windows and doors. Inform your police station if you live on the outskirts. They will ensure the regular night patrol checks in your house more frequently. When out of town, keep calling your neighbours with a request to keep an eye on your house.

AWARENESS TIPS TO DEAL WITH DOMESTIC SERVANT: When you appoint a servant, keep their photograph and address. Do not keep valuables or large amounts of cash in the house and do not let anyone know that the valuables are in the house. Never let your servants know about your money, jewellary, and other valuables, since they very often act as informers. Get the servant name/address registered in local police station. Note down servant's address/native place/permanent address. Appoint the servant through an agency or an introducer.

AWARENESS TIPS TO GET POLICE PERSONEL ASSISTANCE: Inform police about your trip and request them to keep an eye on your house. If you suspect somebody moving around your house, dial 100 or inform your nearest police station. If you do not have a telephone connection, raise an alarm to alert your neighbours. Know your beat police and interact with them for any problems regarding security.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR PEOPLE LIVING IN APARTMENT: If you are staying in an apartment complex, inform the society which manages your apartment to safeguard your house. Security guards should be from reputed agencies. Repair works should be from agencies approved by the building society. Even if there is more than one entry to an apartment, entry and exit should be restricted to only one point. Entry of delivery boys, vegetable vendors, technicians, plumbers, maids and other utility persons should be restricted to only one point entry.

AWARENESS TIPS ON THIEVES PSYCHOLOGY: Buglers have got their own exclusive research, development and training wing among themselves. They have an exclusive section of ladies, old persons and children to observe the houses which they have targeted. Every burglar operates on concrete information. He doesn't do it blindly. The timings of burglars are midnight 12 to 5 am.

AWARENESS TIPS TO MAINTAIN FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS: Always neighbours are our first relatives. It is in mutual benefit if we extend our cooperation, our neighbours also reciprocate the same. If we show interest in their welfare, they also reciprocate the same. Be friendly with your neighbours. They are your immediate people who can come to your rescue during emergencies. When you go out of station you request them to keep a watch on your house and when they go out you do the same for them.

AWARENESS TIPS TO DEAL WITH ATTACKS: If you are attacked, staying calm is your best defense. By staying calm, you will be able to judge the situation and act accordingly. If the attacker is unarmed and you think that you can get away, fight back. If the attacker has a weapon, do not ever take the risk of resisting. If your life is threatened, do anything you can to hurt your attacker and run away. Concentrate your attack on his eyes and groin. Throw chilli powder in his eyes or jam right into his eyes, anything you can lay hands on - keys, knife or anything - and run away, instead of waiting for the effect of your actions.

AWARENESS TIPS ABOUT SEASONS THEFTS: Even seasons have got great influence on house thefts. Particularly rainy seasons, it is wind fall for the thieves. During rainy nights nobody goes out to verify even strong doors or strong rooms can be easily broken with great sound, even then will not be heard by the neighbours in thunder noise. Even there are instances where majority of the home appliances were taken away by truck apart from cash and valuables. So, it is advisable to provide a guard to watch the house, nights of rainy season, if you are going on vacation. Summer is the best second season which will be highly favourable to the thieves. Many residents go for vacations, holiday resorts on children's vacation. So, for total home robbers summer is the best convenient time. Because of power cut or because of cool breeze many people open the doors or windows and sleep. That is the awaited opportunity for immature thieves. Few ladies remove the jewellary and keep near the window or beneath the pillow and sleep at nights. That is the best opportunity for petty thieves. Therefore, maximum vigil and precaution to be exercised during rainy and summer seasons to protect the house from thieves.

AWARENESS TIPS TO AVOID HOUSE BREAKS: There are so many thieves who are master experts in committing any sort of theft mesmerizingly in no time. Almost all, nobody can escape from this master thieves. So, how one can prevent heart-breaking house breaks. It is simple. Be aware. Only awareness is the soul trusted guard to protect you. What are the awareness principles to be exercised to protect yourself from the heart breaking house breaks? Be all-round vigilant at every moment. Be update yourself the type and trend of thefts taking place time to time from the press and media. Watch out for suspicious persons like beggars, workers, service providers, salesmen, courier delivery persons and many more, who are roaming around in your street. Do not show your lavish living and wealth. Do not discuss or talk in open about your wealth, business transactions, cash movements, college admissions, court penalty payments, costly hospital payments, property purchases, and children foreign education plans etc. Even though it is bit cheap, do not prefer residing at isolated homes. It is advisable to have remote calling bells for couple of neighbours. When thieves strikes your home instead of crying "help help" or "thief thief" shout only "fire fire". In addition to them you have to take appropriate steps time to time as per the various situations. If you need any other specific suggestion how to avoid house breaks, you can contact confidentially to Sri Mission on phone. So, wish you ever safe and secure lossless happy homes.

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