Indian Gooseberry (known as Alma in Hindi) is a great blessing of the nature to the mankind. It has got unlimited number of healing properties, which covers all most all sorts and all parts of body ailments. That's why, in ayurveda, gooseberry occupies prime role. It is used in all important ayurvedic preparations. The curing advantages of gooseberry are almost endless.

Gooseberry fights against and protects from various types of cancers.

In alcoholics, regular pain killer consumers, antibiotic consumers, toxins will be formed excessively in their liver. Gooseberry will help to root out those toxins in them and keeps their livers healthy.

People suffering with asthma are advised to take daily a spoon of dried gooseberry powder mixed with a spoon of honey, for maximum relief.

For people who feel burning sensation in heart, throat or stomach, gooseberry consumption will give instant relief.

If you are feeling weak or energy level reduced, gooseberry is the good instant solution to make you energetic and enthusiastic.

People suffering with all lungs related problems, the use of gooseberry will give good results, steadily.

For under weight people, gooseberry works like a boosting tonic, in enhancing their body weight.

For senior citizen, people who would like to keep up their youthfulness, there is no other alternative will fulfill their wish, like gooseberry. It will not allow aged symptoms, nearer to you.

If you regularly consume a gooseberry daily, it will prevent you from getting diabetes. Diabetics if they consume it daily, their blood sugar levels will be reduced.

Gooseberry is a great heart friendly. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood and helps in keeping the heart healthy.

It is a great boon to people suffering with constipation as well as gastric problems. Gooseberry helps in solving both the problems at ease.

Gooseberry is all in one. Its regular consumption automatically prevents from several health hurdles like bronchitis, head ache, stomach ache, acidity, peptic ulcers, inflammations, loose motions, repeating fevers, jaundice etc.

It is a boon for the people suffering with various types of skin diseases. Gooseberry cures, prevents from various skin diseases and naturally enhances the skin glow.

Gooseberry is blood friendly. It helps to enhance the red blood cells as well as blood production in the body.

It is a blessing for longevity. Daily regular consumption of gooseberry protects you from all sorts of diseases and makes you survive long, with sound health.

Gooseberry is the only one source among all fruits and vegetables, which contains highest Vitamin C in natural form.

Gooseberry is a wonderful natural immune booster.

Gooseberry is an eye friendly too. Its vitamin C content improves eye sight.

It is a wonderful pain killer as well as cures all sorts of swellings.

Gooseberry is blessing for issue less fathers. It helps in enhancing semen, sperm count, strengthens them and improves their movement.

It is a great boon for the brain. Gooseberry improves the efficiency of the brain as well as improves its memory power.

Gooseberry is an excellent tonic for nerves. It tunes and keeps entire nervous system healthy and efficient.

It is a wonderful tonic for hair. It helps in growth, makes them strong, reduces fall, keeps them black and delays graying.

Gooseberry is a perfect sole solution for entire digestion system. It eliminates indigestion, acidity, irritation in stomach etc. and keeps the system healthy and efficient.

It is a perfect solution for rooting out the problem of dandruff.

Gooseberry is a wonderful medicine for skin. It prevents various types of skin ailments, keeps the skin healthy and glow.

Gooseberry is easily every where available, in various forms. It can be consumed as it is raw form, dried and made into powder form, dried and sweetened pieces, juice, pickles form. One can consume in his liked form.

It is easy simple economical and smart way, to consume all round beneficial gooseberry routinely, to keep oneself ever happy, healthy, wise and fit in to-days stressful life.

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