(a) What is a bad habit?

Any habit, which will put an individual for health loss, financial loss, image loss and creates nuisance to the society is a bad habit. In general any habit disliked and hated by the society is bad habit.

(b) What are the bad habits?

There are many bad habits. For e.g. it may be even, simple bad manners. But commonly noted bad habits are
(1) Stealing
(2) Lying
(3) Prostitution
(4) Alcoholism/Drugs
(5) Gambling
(6) Anger
(7) Jealousy
(8) Smoking

(9) Greediness
(10) Miserliness
(11) Cheating
(12) Ego

(c) Why inhibit bad habits?
One should inhibit bad habits because,
(1) Bad habits kill your soul itself.
(2) Bad habits always lead to disaster.
(3) Bad habits not only ruin your life, but also many lives of near and dear.
(4) Bad habits cripple you.
(5) You will be hated by your spouse and children
(6) Bad habits make you lack in confidence.
(7) Bad habits force you to do illegal things and kill your character. (8) Bad habits lead you and your family members to shameful and miserable life.
(9) Bad habits are the prime cause of disturbance of peace.
(10) Bad habits make you lazy and dishonest.
(11) Bad habits finally make you lonely.
(12) Bad habits force you to unbearable expenditure, which makes you a debtor and finally ruin even huge properties.
(13) Bad habits ultimately do not leave you worth even to repent.

(d) Who are all the persons prone to bad habits?

The persons easily prone to bad habits are:
(1). The first and foremost reason for adopting any bad habit is mainly due to bad company.
(2). Crippling living surroundings like house and locality.
(3). Wishes without boundaries.
(4). Lust.
(5). Guiltiness.
(6). Indiscipline.
(7). Negligence.
(8). Lack of proper work/engagement.
(9). Lack of awareness about ill effects of bad habits.
(10). Constant discouragement / criticism / insulting / humiliation. (11). Haphazard approach without systematic method/planning.
(12). Lack of patience.
(13). Haste.
(14). Weak mentality.
(15). Lack of correct guidance.

Worst among the bad habits is drinking, because it is the only bad habit, which will kill one's soul itself.

The myths and facts about drinking are as below: -
  • We drank for friendship and made enemies.
  • We drank for sleep and woke up without sleep.
  • We drank to feel heavenly and ended up feeling like hell.
  • We drank to forget problems and saw them multiply.
  • We drank for freedom and became slaves.

    (e) How to avoid bad habits?
    1. Always keep away from bad company.
    2. Parents and teachers should make the children aware of ill effects of all bad habits.
    3. Correct timely guidance and building confidence in youngsters by elders is necessary.
    4. Keep always away from all negativities like lust, greediness, jealousy, anger, revenge, hatred etc.
    5. Always follow positive, ever attractive, friendly and beneficial habits like ever smiling, friendliness, helpfulness etc.
    6. Keep away from idleness by keeping always busy with fruitful work, any creativity, playing any games and constructive hobbies (Photography, Writing, Painting, Collection of stamps and coins, etc.).
    7. One should not have access to easy money.
    8. Parents should always monitor the movements and behavior of their children.
    9. Confidential support and correct guidance in distress by near and dear ones will save one from falling prey to bad habits or even from suicide.
    10. By practicing meditation, anyone can keep away from all bad habits beyond any doubt.
    11. Develop disliking for bad habits to keep away from bad habits.

    Refer book 'GIVE ME FACTS - LET ME DECIDE' for teenagers written by Ms. RUKMANI JAYARAMAN and published by T.T. RANGANATHAN Clinical research foundation Chennai-600020 for more information.