Poverty and hunger are the two faces of the same coin. What is poverty? Poverty is the lack of income / resource to meet the minimum requirements like food, clothing and other common needs of the family members. Poverty is the prime reason for Hunger. Hunger is lack of minimum nutrious food atleast twice a day to the family members. Hunger is nothing but Hell on the earth. POVERTY is the abbreviation of P - Pity, O - Oppression, V - Violence, E - Extortion, R - Regret, T - Torture, Y - Yell. HUNGER is abbreviation of H - Humility U - Unbearable, N - Nasty, G - Gruesome, E - Extortion, R - Rage.

Hunger is the ancient enemy of the humanity. Hunger and poverty are two faces of the same coin. It is the most hidden self secret of the man kind as it's reveal will bring them shame and humiliation. 50,000 people die every day due to poverty related causes. More than 854 million go to bed hungry everyday. 1 billion can't read and write. 1.2 billion lack access to safe drinking water. Almost half the world lives with less than $2 a day. 35% of world's poor live in India. 40% of the world's under weight children under the age of 5 live in India. As the food crisis is being compounded by ever multiplying population, extreme weather and ecological stress and land reduction for agriculture due to occupation of lands under various developmental activities. Every year 4 million people join the world's shameful club of poverty. Hunger disease has got numerous disastrous hidden disadvantages such as lack of self esteem, fear, lack of competence, confidence, inferiority complex, laziness, lethargy, negligence, negligence of hygiene, ill health, poor body immunity, lack of creativity, missing opportunities, social status, illiteracy and respect.

Even though there are numerous international, national and NGO's are working to eradicate the largest one enemy of the world HUNGER. Even though their services are highly appreciable, they bring slow and steady reforms. However to certain extent their support will make the hungry people steadily dependable because of lack of self awareness rather than trying to be self reliant. It is not possible for any government or organization to pump huge funds constantly to eradicate ever increasing poverty unless the poor population struggles optimum to become self reliant ultimately. Only such people will swim out of the dark sea of self poverty for ever. To fully support such challenging price worthy "POVERTY FREE STRUGGLE" here are amazing 20 awareness points to break the all round crippling poverty chains forever for generations. To achieve the prime objective of "SRIMISSION" to "ROOT OUT HUNGER" here are practically highly result oriented 20 awareness points for the poor, which makes their poverty as permanently a gloomed past for ever.

1. K: KEY IS TO IMPROVE YOUR JOB SKILL: First and foremost point to eradicate self hunger is to improve your own job skills. By attaining job skills you will be competitive, confident, efficient and creative, so that you can do your job to the optimum satisfaction of your superior or customer with optimum production with least wastage in shortest time. So that your earnings, opportunities, customer's satisfaction will improve apart from your job and self confidence that measures your hope of achieving whatever you wanted.

2. R: RESTRAIN FROM BAD HABITS: Bad habits are like hole at the bottom of the vessel which leaks the water. If you want to achieve any thing in life, first of all you should be free from all negative habits, which makes you weak, lack of confident, lazy, lethargic, non punctual, negligent, lack of self esteem, leads to loss of opportunities, unbelievable, non supportive, suspicious, etc. Poor are prone to bad habits like theft, gambling, races, illegal activities which in fact will not make you to overcome poverty, but pulls you in to much serious problems. Many poor population indulge in liquor and drugs to forget the visuous poverty pressure and spend more than two third of their earnings and hence can't afford nutritious food which leads to poor health ultimately lead to illness, bed ridden, lack of earnings, opportunities, over and above heavy medical expenses. Burden over burden results in to increase of hunger for woman and children. Thinking smart who go for illicit liquor either loose their life making family members as orphans or become blind and become over burden to the family. So, if you wish to achieve your goal first of all make sure that you are certainly away from all sorts of bad habits.

3. I: ILLITERACY ERADICATION: An illiterate man is equivalent to a blind person in today's social world. Education is an invaluable mobile wealth which gives you discrimination, beneficial way, confidence, judgment, assessment, planning, idea, guidance, spot decision, organizing skills, job management, etiquettes, behaviour, public dealing, developing relations, accounting, legal aspects, current affairs, health care, how to work on priorities, actions, savings, break for disasters, how to be away from bad habits, time management and final how to be aware of every step of life to be progressive, etc. So one must be educated and should be updated with knowledge from time to time constantly if at all one wants to achieve his precious goals. Remember, educate one poor and eradicate poverty for his generations. Lack of education is the prime reason for ills in the world.

4. S: SMART FAMILY ADOPTION: To overcome the shocks of life threatening poverty the first and best thing is to adopt smart family. That is smallest family by having least number of children, which reduces stress and strains, reduces expenditure, improves family's economy, allocates more productive time, minimizes all botherations, enhances relations and love bondage among family members, reduces frictions, improves health, multiplies happiness, gives contentment, clears path for sure prosperity. In one word it is not only helps to eradicate poverty but also simplest surest proven path for sure and steady prosperity. For unbelievable 70 benefits of "SMART FAMILY ADOPTION" please refer full details under Sri Mission's 1st objective Smallest family adoption.

5. H: HEALTH IS THE FOUNDATION FOR WEALTH: Health is wealth. If at all you wish to achieve your goal first and foremost priority to be given is to maintain your own health. Remember if "wealth is gone- nothing has gone, if hope is gone- something has gone, if health is gone - everything has gone. So in life priority to be most given is to health. The best way to protect your health, follow the precious principle "prevention is better than cure". To prevent first you need timely awareness. In addition to that you need two important things you have to follow. A. A healthy balanced nutritious food: Nutritious food need not be costly. It is just balanced food with just body required carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nutritious food is not costly food stuff consisting of number of sweets and non-vegetarian dishes. It is a finely balanced economical food of locally available grains, pulses, fresh green leaves, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, consumed as per the work, age, environmental conditions from 1600 to 2500 calories per day. Little oils, fats, non-vegetarian, salts, ready foods are advisable. People with sedentary life style are advised to do daily routine exercise/walking for 45 minutes and children must play. Follow the economically beneficial 20 advises mentioned under Sri Mission's 2nd objective "ROOT OUT HUNGER" for better health benefits. B.HYGENE: the second best policy to maintain sound health is hygiene. Hygiene is highly effective in prevention. So, with optimum precautions take care to maintain high standards of hygiene in your kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, cleaning vessels, vegetables, fruits, washing cloths, mouth and bodily hygiene as well as your surroundings. Give at most importance to hygiene of drinking water. In addition to that follow up and act immediately on preventive care to be taken from time to time by local administration through press and media for periodically attacking epidemics.

6. N: NECESSORY PLANNING: Most important thing to achieve success in any thing is PERFECT ADVANCE PLANNING. So, you must have perfect plan for any thing well in advance. It will save your money, energy, stress, time and peace of mind. It also will have more success rate. Hasty actions will lead to incorrect decision, high costs, waste of time, strain, disturbance and no peace of mind. So always plan in advance and take preparative actions right from beginning so as to be sure to achieve success in all attempts. Another important thing in planning is accounting. It is advisable to make it a routine habit for males and females to maintain account of daily expenditure. If not at least ladies to maintain monthly expenditure account, so that it gives a perfect guidance where over spending is made for unimportant things and guides corrective steps for economy and to enhance balanced spending.

7. A: AVOID ANGER: Poverty and anger are inseparable thick friends. But unfortunately anger is a great distructor in all respects. So, one who wants to walk on the path of success has to avoid anger at any cost. Because anger is the family head of great disastrous members of jealous, hatred, enmity, revenge, frustration, repentance, helplessness. So, anger alone will not trouble you, it also will bring many of its family members with it to influence you which directly leads you only towards disaster and ruin. So, poor man's prime requirement is patience not anger which not only spoils the things but also confronts several disastrous devils. Therefore always remember, 'A moment of anger some time leads to life long repentance'. Beware, to achieve your life's precious target you can't afford enjoying the unbearable costly luxury of "Anger". Keep ever cool to keep anger ever away.

8. M: MANAGE YOUR TIME: "A man's success is directly proportionate to his efficient time management". Time is precious, time is money. "one can earn anything but not time". "Intelligent man is he who realizes the preciousness of time". "Secret of success is priority wise punctual working". All these invaluable proverbs clearly emphasize on the secretly hidden invaluable importance of ever slipping time. So, know how to utilize best of your time, avoid the prime time culprit proactination. Plan best for your time management, attend all works in advance, be very punctual and develop the habit of strictly working on priorities without deviations. Actions in time, gives you best results least room for leakages. Your efficient time management alone will lead to assured success. So, strictly stick to follow results oriented time management techniques which are sure supporters of your target achievement.

9. U: UTILISE ALL AVAILABLE BENEFITS: Enquire, read press reports, water, media, observe your relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and make a list of facilities provided by local authorities, state, central governments, NGO, welfare organizations which are providing various benefits like old age pension, medical facilities, concessional travel facilities by trains and buses, free linen supplies for senior citizens, interest free or concessional rate loans to buy cattle, poultry, solar appliances, subsidiary rations, gasoline, etc. for ladies, free or subsidized electricity, appliances, water, loans for agriculture or small businesses, free school books, dresses, concessional bus passes, merit and supportive scholarships and interest free loans for children's education and many many more. Keep your eyes open and active ears and try to grab each and every opportunity without fail as those are really meant for you. Try to pay water, electricity, phone bills etc. in time without fail and avail given concessions rather than neglecting last date and landing up paying additional burden of penalties or disconnections, obtain benefits from family planning, single, girl child financial schemes. Remember each utilized opportunity will certainly uplift you economically and take you steadily nearer to your goal. So never miss any opportunity.

10. R: RESTRICT EXPENDITURE ON FESTIVALS AND RITUALS: This is the most dangerous trap for poor people who must be ever highly cautious. Be very practical. Change with the changing times. Be practical. Never be forced by old meaningless customs and superstitions. Because of forced rituals and festivals you are directly pushed to borrow loans at high rate of interest from death trap money lenders, which is sure not repayable. Sky rising interest will make you to loose your valuables, jewellery, land, cattle, crops, etc. So, be excessively cautious in spending for rituals, marriages, festivals. Never bother for society or community for what they criticize or laugh at you, because it is very cheap compared to disaster of loosing your valuables of house and lands and becoming you, spouse and little one shelter less on street. So, strongly keep it in mind the spending for all rituals and festivals should be only as your available budget with least expenditure. Even it is advisable to celebrate important few festivals to curtail the expenditure to the minimum rather than follow your neighbor who has not accounted future debt traps.

11. T: TACKLE LAZINESS: Laziness and poverty are best friends. If you wish to eradicate poverty, first of all you have to shed down all your laziness, lethargy, procrastination, negligence, take it easy attitude immediately. Because they are all great hurdles for your path of achieving plenty. Thus make you to suffer loss of earnings, loss of many good opportunities, loss of faith in the employer, loss of respect in collogue, friends, relatives, neighbors, family members, erodes your self confidence, cuts your self esteem, weakens you financially, makes physically unfit because of over rest, develops doubts on your own excellent job skills, makes you dependable on ever waiting debt trappable risky financial needs, keep away friends as you often seek help from them, laziness encourages devil mind to adopt some bad habits to adopt, ultimately all around way to ruins. So, be ever cautious about laziness, lethargy, procrastination and to keep away from these dangerous ditches, keep ever enthusiasm to learn, and try to be engaged busy with some work on reading.

12. I: IMPROVE SAVINGS: Your colored dream goal of over coming pitiable poverty speed is directly proportionately related to your improvement of your savings. How effectively, smartly, tactfully you enhance your savings, so fast you can reach you dream goal. Because invisible multiple magic power hidden in your savings. Steadily growing your savings will enhance first of all self confidence, courage to face any eventualities, safe and easy future, belief to face uncertain future hope of better tomorrow enhanced love and confidence in family members, certainly of not missing any future opportunities, enthusiasm to achieve more, faith in near and dear as you are an achiever and many more. So, it is extremely important strive every moment and opportunity to minimize spending, eliminate wasteful expenditure and improve precious little savings. Remember economy is the great source of invisible effortless smooth income. So, periodically analyze your budget accounting, find out where you are spending for unwanted things, whether you are buying goods or commodities in excess and not utilizing them fully, whether you have surveyed and chosen right shop which gives competitive price and correct weight and measure. Follow economy in using water, electricity, phone calls, fuel, not one, thousand ways. Teach the urgency, need, invaluable importance of economic assessment to each and every family member for constant and leak less ever growing savings.

13. S: SIMPLE LIVING PRACTICE: "the secret of happy, healthy and peaceful life is "Simple Living". Because simple living is ego less living, living with in our menace. It is economical, reduces your unnecessary expenditure, improves steady savings, leads to investments which ultimately turns to supporting returns. Simple living makes you to face future without much volatility; it never forces you to go for disastrous immoral or dangerous illegal activities. It keeps you away from bad habits as it is contended life which is continuous feast. It will destroy you huge properties, over and above it leads to make further properties. It will not lead to laziness as it is a disciplined way of life. Its praise worthy, respectable plain living. It is worry free living never leads to shame or repentance. It is the living which eliminates negativity like feeling inferiority, jealous etc. There are unlimited number of ways to minimize expenditure, follow simple living happy living principle for faster movement to wards your life goal.

14. F: FIGHT AGAINST CALAMITIES: A calamity is an unexpected, sudden disaster that may strike any body at any time any where without any notice. It may cause several shock, loss of property or loss of lives or all of them. The impact of calamity can't be explained in words. Some time, the loss and trauma cant be recovered at all in life time. There are three types of calamities. They are A). Natural Calamities B). Manmade calamities and C). Miscellaneous calamities. One who want to succeed in his goal, not only progressive in his approach but also very cautious to protect his valuable properties and precious family members lives time to time from all sorts of calamities. Then how to protect ourselves from calamities? Calamity prevention awareness is the only solution to get protected from all sorts of calamities. Therefore, every one should be ever aware about how to sense their precious live and properties. For all these types of calamities prevention tips refer complete details furnished under Sri Mission's 7th objective "STRUGGLE AGAINST CALAMITIES." and ever be prepared to face and sane properties and lives from various types of calamities.

15. O: ONLY HOPE POSITVE: A successful man's prime requirement is first of all to think always positive. Positive thinking has got tremendous invisible power which can turn impossible things to become possible, unbelievable things to believable, miracle to happen practically. No body ever achieved any thing in the world without positive thought in them, that is self-confidence. So, believing that you can succeed in your target in the foundation requirement to reach the noble goal and see how rock line big hurdles on your way will miraculously melt like ice and give you smooth way on your path of success. Because the moment you started thinking positively, the courage energy of your confidence raises to heights, the hurdles which were appearing gigantic, now looks as mere pebbles. Now cant stand before enormous confidence strength generated in you. So, right this moment start thinking positive and see how the hurdles melt down and clear your path for success to make it smooth and early.

16. R: REFUSE RISKY LOANS: Even though we improve savings, take optimum care to escape from sudden calamities. Some unavoidable incidences happen in life like accidents, deaths, operations, court cases, disputes, settlements etc. where in addition to our savings we are forced to borrow loans. Because of extreme seriousness of the situation we are terribly forced to borrow loans at abnormal rate of interest as well as on squeezing terms. These are known as virtual traps. So, you must be very cautious to eliminate risky loans at abnormal squeezing interest rates, to escape from traps. For this the best way is to enhance our reserve savings. For sea such trap in advance, unavoidable circumstances go for banks to raise reasonable interest loans, follow limited festivals, avoid meaningless customs, rituals, reduce unnecessary expenditure on marriages, parties, journeys. All these are possible with right advance planning, proper information and awareness. So, at any cost eliminate DEATH TRAP LOANS which are prime hurdles for poverty and ever holding cage of hunger.

17. M: MULTIPLE EARNINGS: Shortest way to reach your dream goal of poverty to plenty is multiply your earnings. Multiplication of your earnings which surely takes you to your goal easily and in a short time. How to multiply the earnings? You observe, think and analyze carefully there are many ways to make earnings in different ways. Even if it is little earnings in new ways then the present earnings, it is added earnings, if you are a former see any waste lend, unutilized land, wide boundaries which can be brought in to cultivation. Go for less time, less water needed high yield commercial crops, change of crops, more number of crops in a year. If you have little open space at your house or utilize terrace and grow vegetables/fruits in pots. Ladies can gauge cattle to produce milk products, poultry, honey can make pickles, jams, papads ready to use masalas ready mixes many more. If you are doing office work, utilize overtime facility if available, if not try part time else where. Do part time business. Wisely invest your savings in risk free high yield reputed mutual funds, invest in hobbies. Diversity your investment in different schemes where high returns are there with safety and liquidity. Wisely look around, react, watch, enquire you will find several ways to multiple your earnings safely and steadily. Follow them to make your run fast towards your lucrative dream goal.

18. U: UTILISE INSURANCE FACILITIES: Even though god has looked at poor with neglected eye, but we should not neglect our own safety measures we have taken. In addition to calamities awareness prevention measures, one more additional safety net for protectional is insurance. Since poor people do not have adequate income and supporting huge properties, it is advised to go for insurance cover as there is no one to look after aged parents, innocent spouse and ignorant children. If some thing extreme happens no body can compensate it. But some thing is better than nothing. So, do not look at little premium now, but see at the protection cover, it provides to the entire family in the dark times of your absence. Therefore, make it a compulsory point to cover your important valuables, lives with insurance cover. You can cover your crops, house from calamities, domestic items, jewellery, vehicles, and many many more. There are so many banks, credit cards company's, different establishments offer separate insurance cover. Few banks offer even savings bank account linked insurance cover. Few private insurance companies offer different attractive schemes, suits to every occasion and budget. It is advised to go for periodical money back policies which will be double advantages. In case of life cover advisable to go early and for long period, so that you will be paying least premium and at the same time risk is covered. Before going for any policy deep analyses, discussion, expert guidance, hidden dupes of small prints of conditions are cautiously studied. So, even though little cost factor is involved one must go for insurance cover to support and illuminate poor dependent lives, in our absence.

19. L: LOVE PEOPLE: If you want to achieve any thing in life, the first important thing required is to love people or invest on public. As the saying goes: " For highest returns, for short term invest in agriculture, for medium term invest in a child's education and for long term invest on public.". so, if you invest i;e if you love people on long run it pays beyond imagination. So, understand the hidden secret of loving people which turns into enormous public relations and everyone who loves you would like to sincerely help you in one way or other. It is not helping giving him property or financial help, even it may be any little help like little help of information at right time is brought on unknown additional opportunity. Remember no single acquaintance/ friendship goes waste. How many public relations you maintain with love and affection, remember you have opened up so many new opportunities of future benefits with your self abilities, which may bring benefits at any moment. Therefore deeply believe immediately implement it. Now just wait and watch how this marvelous magic stick makes wonders and how fast makes your long awaited dreams a visual reality.

20. A: ADOPT DISCIPLINE: Foundation for any achievement is self discipline. Without anything, man can do few things. But without self discipline none can achieve anything in life. Discipline is like back bone for life, without it life is support less. Because self-discipline enhances your determination, it gives an exclusive identity, it is powerful self commander, it improves self-confidence, it leads to full fledged self independence, implements personnel punctuality, in builds leadership qualities, it enhances belief in near and dear, whether you can afford to loose so many benefits just by skipping one aspect, self discipline? No body can afford to miss. In fact self discipline is the sure arrow to hit your target. So, adopt and strictly follow self discipline to make your dream a nearing reality.

So, above 20 pillar tips and many detailed awareness tips will surely eradicate yours dark shadow devil poverty sooner than you think. This awareness tips to eradicate self poverty is also known as "KRISHNA MURTY'S FORMULA" for each and every point mentioned above is important and will make your dream reality faster. So, make poverty a gloomy past. Forth coming glorious plenty never lasts.

This srimission's effort to eradicate poverty of every body in the world is a mission. Will you not be a part to spread this invaluable message to entirely eradicate word "poverty" itself, from the world fast and to make it as a past. So, each and every one come and join this gigantic darkness eradicating mission to lit bright light of smiles on each and every poor face which are turning to be plenty and peaceful for ever, and for every generation to generation.


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