(a) What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of meaningful living without tension and with full awareness. It is the art of mind control. In other words, it is the process of cleansing and quietening the mind and getting it organized for all round meaningful productive work at peak level.

(b) Why to practice meditation?

There are numerous benefits, which inspire everyone to practice MULTIPLE MEDITATION regularly.

(c). How to practice Multiple Meditation?

It consists of 4 parts. They are as below.


Points to note: -

(1) Sitting: - Sit on a mat/carpet/bench. Sit erect with waist, back and neck in one straight line and head upright.

(2) Comforts: - Light and loose clothing.

(3) Timing: - Preferably early morning and/or before dinner in the evening and practice regular timings.

(4) Place: - The room to practice meditation must be very calm, clean, well-ventilated, preferably interior room with least disturbances.


(i). Methodology: - Keeping your head straight, identify a dot, spot at your eyes' level. Without closing your eyes, totally concentrate your eyes on that dot/spot continuously for a few minutes until your eyes strain and get tears. Now you close your eyes slowly. Rub your palms speedily against each other to generate warmth in palms and then put your palms on your closed eyes for some time so that the eyes will be brought to relaxation from the earlier strain. Relax for a few seconds.

(ii). Benefits: -
a) Improves memory power.
b) Improves concentration.
c) Improves visual observation.
d) Improves eyes' vision.
e) Protects from eye diseases.


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SRIMISSION MINIMIZES YOUR MISERIES -------------- MULTIPLIES YOUR MERRIES ----------------------------------------------------------------
(i). Methodology: -
(a) Both nostrils breathing: - Slowly breath in through the nose deeply to fill your belly and upper chest to expand fully with air. Hold your breath for a mental count of 6. Then slowly exhale in the reverse of above process. Stay out of air for a mental count of 6. Continue the above cycle for 4 minutes.

(b) Alternate nostril breathing: - Starting with left nostril breathing follow alternate nostril breathing process for 4 minutes as above.

(c) Final breathing exercise: - Follow the breathing as in (a) for slower, sustained 12 count breath. Continue this exercise for 4 minutes. Now relax for a few seconds.

(ii). Benefits: -
(a) Energizes the body.
(b) Enhances body's rejuvenating process.
(c) Boosts thinking power of both parts of the brain.
(d) Cures many diseases.


(III) MEDITATION: - Meditation is of two types.

1. SILENT MEDITATION: - How to practice silent meditation? Slowly close your eyes and relax. Try to calm down your mind. No thoughts. No knowledge of your organs and senses. No hearing of even minute sounds like running fan. Forget your entire body. No chanting of any mantras. Now you experience with your mind's eye- two things.

(a) Existence of your mind.
(b) Undisturbed calmness.

Now you totally concentrate only on your breathing. Without any strain, steadily and deeply inhale and exhale. Go on repeating this breathing process. Slowly you will sense a beautiful rhythm of your breathing. Totally concentrate only on your breathing rhythm. Practice this breathing cycle for 15 minutes. After sometime or after few practices, your restlessly running wild horse i.e. your mind will become thoughtless suddenly for a while. With determination, more and more concentration, repeated practice you will achieve long awaited, clear, stable and thoughtless state of mind, which will make you to experience your multi-dimensional powerful state of miraculous mind, which brings you mesmerizing, unbelievable developments, growth and changes in many dimensions. Finally you have achieved your target of silent meditation. Once the meditation is completed, bring back your mind slowly to realize your body and then your surroundings. Then open your eyes slowly. Now relax for a few seconds with your eyes open, with awareness of full surroundings.


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SOCIAL SERVICE IS NOBLE -------------- SRIMISSION MADE IT FOR YOU SIMPLE ----------------------------------------------------------------


(a). What is Objective Meditation?

Students, youth, professionals, athletes, artists, scientists, persons interested in creativity and all other achievers can give to themselves an auto suggestion. Unlike silent mediation, while starting the meditation, objective meditation practitioner will give autosuggestion to his/her mind to repeat a powerful suggestion during the objective meditation process. To enormously improve themselves in their wanted field, this autosuggestion will work like a tremendous magic power in building unimaginable self-confidence to achieve their goals very easily.

(b). How to give autosuggestion?

Student: I am the man with the sharpest memory in the world and I can perfectly remember very easily any thing once I read or hear. Salesman: I am the most expert salesman in the world, who will sell very successfully any thing on earth. Lawyer: I am the most successful lawyer in the world who can argue even the most critical case very easily.


1. It improves optimism, intelligence, learning ability, memory, creativity, overall health, functional efficiency, concentration, physical strength, will power, sound sleep, calmness, inspiration towards ambition, body's rejuvenating process, energizing of the body and the nervous system.

2. It slows down ageing, lowers blood pressure, heart beat rate and the toxin production in the body and calms down nerves.

3. It prevents disastrous mental diseases, brings physical and mental relaxations, combats stress and strain, helps in overcoming negative thoughts like negative attitudes, anger, prejudice, hatred, fear, ego, guilt, complexes and palpitation. It prevents compulsive bad habits of smoking, chewing of tobacco, alcoholism, drugs, gambling etc.

4. It promotes the feeling of contentment, general well being and ethical living.

5. It expands the mind and helps to realize the limitless power of mind.

6. It helps in clarity of thought, objective analysis and power of discrimination. It leads to much awaited precious peace of mind.

7. IT IMPROVES ENORMOUS TOLERANCE. To practice objective meditation, select a suitable autosuggestion that suits you, before starting the meditation. Practice the objective meditation as per the silent meditation method.


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SRIMISSION IS YOUTH MISSION -------------- GROWTH VISION ----------------------------------------------------------------

(i). Methodology: - Earlier in meditation, you have experienced unlimited, calm, cool, soundless, unforgettable and multi dimensionally pleasing visit to mind planet. Now in the same position in silence, visualize and compare practically the experience of meditation improvements (loosing desire in worldly things, banishing fear, improving optimism, will power, self-confidence and determination. It changes dramatically the direction of your superior life goal, maintaining verbally silent and mentally sound). Undisturbed silence practice with solitude will have many benefits like meditation practice.

(ii). Benefits Of Silence: -
1. Silence is the easy path for self-realization.
2. Silence improves observation.
3. Silence improves concentration.
4. Silence sprouts many new thoughts.
5. Silence avoids many disputes.
6. Silence improves tolerance.
7. Silence avoids enmity.
8. Silence improves objective analysis.
9. Silence is drizzling rain in burning disputes.
10. Silence is self-teacher.
11. Silence is mirror of soul.
12. Silence is slow and sure path for wisdom.
13. Silence is friend of the lonely.
14. Silence is jewel of intellectuals.
15. Silence is the mother of creativity.
16. Silence is the school for genius.

So, practice Silence with concentration for 5 minutes.

Each individual can practice any one or more items of concentration, pranayama, silent meditation, objective meditation and silence longer time during the practice or separately to achieve his required results.


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