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Music is mystic. Music exists right from the universe evolution. In fact life starts with music, the new born first starts weeping once he steps into the new world. Even in the growing baby in the mothers womb initially responses to the melodious music only. At the end of life, life sees with weeping of the near and dear. Not only with birth and death, music plays an amazing / invisible role in every body's life all over the Universe.

So ancient, world wide spread, highly interlaced influenced music, even in this very advanced scientific world, still remained as understood mystery only. Since centuries numbers of seekers dedicated their life in research of music and its melody, mesmerizing, mystic, healing secret powers all over the world. India is well known for its close association with spiritualism since from ancient ages. Music is closely interlinked with spiritualism right from the beginning. Music has such great powers that it made Saint Thyagaraja, and Mia Tansen, both rejected the offer of riches from their kings and instead choose to remain immersed in the devotion of music. It is believed that Saint Thyagaraja brought a dead person back to life by singing the composition "Naa jeevan dhara" in raga Bihari. It is well known the late Mia Tansen created rain, light a fire with his mystic singing powers.

There are uncountable devoted music seekers, composers, mystics, sufi saints dedicated their lives in India as well as all over the world since centuries to bring out the hidden secret powers, magics of music. But still remained un-conclusively. However their great lives sacrifices never went in-vain. Their life long inventions certainly put light on marvelous revelations to the entire mankind.

Utility of music has a long history dating back to ancient orphic school in Greece. Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle were aware of the prophylactic and therapeutic powers. There are proofs that music therapy was used by king David is said to have cured an illness by playing on the harp. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine used music to cure human diseases. In ancient Egypt music was used to lesson the pain of women during child birth. In India music therapy has been in use for years a scientific method of effective cures of disease through the power of music.

Why repeatedly mentioned mystique word to refer 'Music' is, it has got unlimited, invisible, astonishing mesmerizing healing. Curing, empowering, inspiring, creative, enthralling characteristics with its embedded melodies. Because of its amazing applications its utility is known on music therapy, in other words also world wide known as 'Sono therapy'. Now, let us see the amazing unlimited abilities of mystique music.

ENTERTAINMENT BENEFITS OF MUSIC: Music takes us to great entertainment and pleasure. It makes our hearts lighter. Lifts some of us to the top of the world. Great melody music enthralls all of us and moves others to tears. Really it is the only thing which touches all sensitive souls. In fact it is only the music touches the deepest chord in us and takes you to the divine experience of haven on earth for a few unexplained thrill moments in life.

INSPIRATION AND CREATIVITY BENEFITS OF MUSIC: Live silence music is well known for making our good moods. It is the great inspirer in creating new ideas. Music is the great helper for creativity in inventing new ideas.

MUSIC RELATION WITH SPIRITUALITY: Music is omnipresent music is holy, music is god, no prayer which ever it may be the religion, without music, no prayer is complete. So every religion, indirectly every individual life is incomplete without music.

BENEFITS OF MUSIC AS HEALER: Music restores, maintains and improves emotional, physiological and psychological well being. Music can eliminate all kinds of impediments, blockages, and retention/stagnation of bodily fluids. It releases tension. It has been found effective in reducing gallstones, kidney stones, various inflammations, arthritis of the muscle and joints, menstrual and spastic cramps. It loosens the bowels, cleans the urinary track, helps in reducing the pain. The glandular system stimulates and thus body releases vital healing hormones. Which ultimately fight against stress related diseases such as depression, hyperacidity and various mental illnesses. The thalamus, the nerve centre of all our sensations and emotions is positively activated by the concord of music sounds. It sets of parallel reactions in the brains cortex - place of thought and reason reside to boost. To soothe frayed nerves of patients and surgeons classical music is allowed in the labour rooms and operation theatre, expectant mothers report easier delivery. Now born babies cry less. The anesthetic administration works more effectively when combined with music in operation theatre. Music abnormally effective in case of mental disorders. In a rare case chronic stomach ailment has prescribed a long play recording of Bach's fugues told to listen after metal and the patient did not return with any complaint later. Women under going hysterectomies under general anesthesia, who listened to relaxing music and sound of ocean waves, experienced less pain and were less fatigued.

ENDLESS APPLCATIONS OF MYSTIC MUSIC: Constantly Crying babies and Children are lulled to sleep with music. Muscles actively participating in music are invisibly exercised ones become more powerful. Music can be appropriately used for dumb half developed brains and patients of hysteria. Their power to think can be in increased. Music can also be used for social contacts. Music can be very useful to introverts reserved natured people can develop in a multidimensional manner with the help of music. Music makes a man feel completely in himself. Through music self expression also can be developed. Since music is not fatal or harmful it is not necessary to keep mental patients in special custody. For mental tension patients music serves as miracle medicine. Music is the most meaningful means for mental relaxation. Music also used to train children through rhymes. It also used to train mental patients in rhythms and can be kept them busy learning music. People with less developed brains can be trained in music for entertainment of patients in hospitals. Criminals, antisocial elements in jails can be easily diverted to the precious joyful values of life by mean of melodious music. Music can alter our bodily functions, our emotions, our mind, thinking and even our behaviour. It alters our pulse, BP, breathing rate skin resistance, hormone levels and so on. Appropriate music can reduce the dose of medicine required in the treatment of anxiety, mild form of depression, panic attacks and migraine. It reduces the dose of pain killers needed while treating cancer pain, post operative pain and trauma wards. Music has successfully helped manage pain in dental clinics. Caesarean operations are reduced in clinics which use music in child birth. Exercising to music is another benefit. To those people who hate exercise, music makes it enjoyable.In physiotherapy centers, weight reducing clinics, schools and aerobic exercising classes music is used. In the West, couples with relationship problems, students with depressive disorders and suicidal tendencies have opened up and revealed their dilemmas after started practicing music therapy. Music therapy has helped physically challenged children develop social skills.

NATURE IS THE ORIGIN OF MYSTIQUE MUSIC: Music is existing in birds voice. Wind makes rhythmic music. Music exists in river flow, water falls as well as sea waves, rain creates rhythmic music.

FASCINATING FACES OF MUSIC: Music can sadden and frighten example as dear the music played in tragedies or horror films. It can calm and soothe as do chanting of vedic mantras and soft instrumental music; it can excite as does the pop music, can entertain like our melodious film songs; music can elevate and uplift you to a higher state of consciousness and mental relaxation as does bhajans and devotional music; it can burst out stress effectively when devotional songs are sung in groups.

INFLUENCE OF MUSIC IN ANIMALS AND PLANTS: Even snakes like Cobra is attracted by music. Animals like horse dances for music. Hindu mythology it is well known that Krishnas flute music attracted crowd of cows. Milking cows give more milk while listening music. Music makes plant yield more.

AWARENESS TIPS ON MUSIC THERAPY: Now let us see centuries long dedicated research on music of numerous music saints concluded for the immense curing benefits to the entire mankind. Here are the names of Indian Music ragas and their diseases curing abilities. Raga Ananda Bhairawi: reduces nose related problems, Raga Kannada: helps in reducing belly and body weight; Kanachu: Wisdom inducer, Kambroji and Saaver : stomach related diseases; Kamavardhini :Kharaharpriya, Nata Begada, Madhyamavathi, Mayamalavakagata, Yadukulakambhoji, Ritigala, Sriraga, Surati: All disease curers, Kedara, Chakravaka, Mukhari, Vasanta, Hussaini: Mind related diseases. Janjooti: Keeps mind ever happy, Thodi: Heart problems. Devagardhari: breath related problems; Dhanyasi: Head related diseases, Nayaki: brain related diseases, Narayana goula, Sahana, Sama, Sourastra: blesses peace of mind. Punnagavarali: skin related diseases; Poorvikalyani: eye related diseases, Bilahari: cleans soul, calms mind, Hamsadhwani: all nerves related diseases; Hindda: problems related to fear ful /horro dreams; Kedara: all throat diseases. The research on music is never ending and it is going on and goes for ever.

AWARENESS TIPS FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS OF MUSIC THERAPY: *Select suitable music as per the requirement of your mood like to enhance your joy, or reduce your anger or solace your painful mind. *Listen to music in suitable sequence like select music totally music as your present mood and steadily to your wish to acquire. *Listen the music through speakers by which the music will be reaching to each and every cell of your body rather than only ears. *It is not more hearing the music you must prepare fully by removing your shoes sit instead of standing. Listen in a totally relaxed manner so that not only your ears, entire body, soul entirely to be drowned in divine music. Many people listen the music as back ground while working, reading, eating, talking, driving, sleeping etc. But the best method to optimum realization of music is listen to it fully with total concentration, without doing any thing like a meditation. But important thing is since music is great inspirer, miraculous motivator, cosmic creator, if you suddenly got a flash, inspiration, motivation, idea to do some thing, do it without fail. After all for this what creators were crippling. *Listen the music fully actively so that it will reach your mind, soul, so that you get reactive responses from internally. You may feel every action of the body enthralled, soul may dance or your entire body may start dancing because of over joy. You may get tears, an ice cool effect of entire body, great emotions body vibrations, sleep etc. Realise that these are the rich symptoms of rich melodious music. *Preferably select melody low pitch music. *Listen in a silent time and totally undisturbed atmosphere. * Different ragas have influence on different timings of the day which yields rich results to the listener. *Other than above specified ragas, light instrumental music will induces much since it will not have verbal words which will attract the attention of your mind particularly.* Listen to the music in low volume or medium volume for optimum influence. *Initially music is listened to relaxation or for emotional issues. But deep relaxation only seeps in which results in to various healing and curing processes. *Like silence after rain, you realize silence after music, which takes you to the experience of unexplained enormous emotional bliss. Enjoy it as long as your wish to enjoy it. In fact that is the time which turns around changes or life flashes.

With so many unlimited benefits there is no doubt that calling music as divine or god. Now certainly we can call 'MUSIC' is the elaboration form of 'MYSTIC UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL INVISIBLE CUROR'. Now, let the entire humanity realize the healing powers of music and practice half an hour daily to forget all worries always enjoy all merrier with mankind's merciful divine music.

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