(a). Why to practice non-violence?

We should practice non-violence because,
1. Violence causes hundreds of innocent lives to be lost.
2. Violence creates horror.
3. Violence causes enmity.
4. Violence humiliates and cripples life.
5. Violence develops vexation in life.
6. Violence results in numerous agonies and hardships.
7. Violence generates thousands of innocent migrants.
8. Violence is worse than a wild fire.
9. Violence begets violence.
10. Violence hinders progress.

(b). Who are the people prone to cause violence?

1. People who are illiterates.
2. People who are hungry.
3. People who are greedy.
4. People who are deprived of human rights.
5. People who were humiliated/suppressed.
6. People who were squeezed beyond limit.
7. People who are hurt on their ego.
8. People who are hurt on their religious sentiment.
9. People who lost their dear ones/property in violence.
10. People who under go blackmailing/extortion.
11. People who were eligible but denied of their rights.
12. People who were cheated/robbed/squeezed.
13. People who were inspired by blind leadership.
14. People who supremely believe in difference of sex discrimination.
15. People with bad company/bad habits.
16. People with high temper/lack of tolerance.
17. People with mental disorders/mental health problems.
18. People who believe in superstitions.

(c). How to eradicate violence?
1. By human value based education from childhood.
2. By following fundamental principles of live and let live.
3. By following simple moral values.
4. By lighting light of love/sprinkling love.
5. By motivating towards service/sacrifice through stories of noble lives.
6. By supporting rightly.
7. By keeping them away from bad company.
8. By practicing multiple meditation.
9. By teaching them creative hobbies for constant engagement.
10. By creating self-confidence in them and making them trust worthy.
11. By repeating attempts to make him realize and rectify his mistakes.