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WHAT IS OBESITY: *A normal person has fat deposits in the adipose tissue depot, about 15% of the total body weight. When a person's fat deposit exceeds 26% of his total body weight, he is said to be obese. *Obesity is an outcome of minimum physical labour with the invention of modern gadgets and appliances in our day to day life. It is the accumulation of excess fat in the human body. It is not just a physical condition but is a disease. In trying to lose weight an obese person can help himself more than any physician. *The principal medical objection to obesity is the pressure on the heart and circulatory system of the body. *Obesity takes a higher toll on public health than smoking or drinking alcohol.

PRESENT SITUATION: For the first time in the history of mankind, obesity is at its peak. *Obesity (excess weight) and sister concerns anorexia and bulimia (forced starvation to get slim) are major life style disorders that have hit mankind this millennium. 75% of the people worldwide are suffering from life style disorders. 35% of the children in India are over weight. *Two billion over weight people across the world and the figures are only increasing. Soon ten years old in India will be on insulin. *The problem of obesity was most acute in Delhi and Punjab, with more than 33% of the population being obese. About 35% of Indians are over weight and hence suffer from obesity related problems.

ILL EFFECTS OF OBESITY: *The consequences of obesity are many- coronary heart diseases, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc… the list seems endless. *Obesity makes many people anxious, causes several problems such as heart attacks, ostuo-arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and shortens life span. It also causes various psychological disorders. *Obesity essentially rewires the brain, so attempts by fat people to eat healthily are defeated by more powerful urges. *Obese individuals are prone to injuries, accidents and hernia. They are susceptible to degenerative disease of the ankles, hips and spinal chord and often suffer from Ischaemic heart diseases, coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc.., because of excess deposits of Triglycerides and cholesterol.

CAUSES OF OBESITY: Three causes for the dramatic rise in obesity- food company's not concentrating on nutrition, no money pumped into pharmaceutical companies and irresponsible health care advocates. *The immediate cause of obesity is excess eating. *The tendency of parents to over-feed their child also leads to the child to become so accustomed to over eating that he is not satisfied, even at the young age, unless he has eaten more than he requires. *Genetic abnormalities in some individuals cause obesity. The use of contraceptive pills by young women causes an increase in weight.

HOW TO PREVENT OBESITY: *The best way to control your weight is not to gain weight. This is because it is easier to gain weight than to lose it. *The effects of reducing obesity can be profound: a mere 7% reduction in weight can cut an individual's chances of getting diabetes by 50%. *Reduce the intake of foods that are high in fats. *Set an easy time frame to attain your target, such as losing one kg every two to three weeks. This means that you must make a particular eating behavior a way of life rather than a crash course. If you do not take this seriously, your weight may move up and down like a yo-yo, as you diet and stop dieting. This is harmful to health. *Reduce foods that are high yield in sugars. *Avoid other high calorie foods. *The right food in the right quantity and at the right time can make all the difference. "Nutritious food with the right combination of vitamins, minerals and fibre cannot only keep the body in shape but also fight diseases. Right food with an adequate amount of exercise is the key to a healthy world," It is high time people realized the need to eat right. They should also realize that a fat person is as malnourished as a person starving".

HOW TO EAT RIGHT: *Never peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables because it is in the skin that you have vital nutrients. So, if you want to get the best out of your vegetables and fruits, wash them well and eat them raw. For example apples and potatoes that turns brown when the skin is peeled off. Skin contains anti-oxidants that are a must for our body. *Form your meals from fruit and vegetables. These contain much water and fiber, and hence fill your stomach without supplying you with unwanted calories. *When you eat on a diet, eat slowly and chew your food well. *Use a fork and spoon. *Eat from a smaller plate. *Don't eat while reading or while watching TV. *Drink water before during and after the meal. *Do not snack between meals. *Soya in all its forms is the best nutrient a body can ever have. "Soya is a wonder food. The best example of its health benefits is the low incidence of cancer cases where soya is a part of regular diet." *Dietary management does not mean "starvation". Sensible planning is needed to frame a daily "diet-chart" for an obese person. *To reduce weight, obese individuals exercise. A regular early morning walk is recommended. The following points should be kept in mind while preparing a diet chart for an obese individual. i) High protein foods should be provided. ii) Restrict carbohydrates and fats. iii) Eat more raw vegetables and fruits as they have vitamins and minerals. IV) Reduce intake of salt. *List of forbidden foods: biscuits, cakes, ice cream, sugar, chocolate, peppermint, sweets, jam, honey, fruit juices and alcohol in any form. *If you eat plenty of vegetables, your diet is likely to be a balanced one. *A GI (Glycemic Index) diet reduces the risk of major diseases such as heart stroke, colon and prostate cancers. *Therefore you will not only over eat but also experience excessively high levels of insulin, which can cause health problems. *The GI diet works on the traffic light color categories: red light fruits which you avoid if you want to lose weight; yellow light listings are foods that are to be used occasionally; and green light foods you eat as much as you like.

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE: *Begin your day with a dose of moderate exercise. *Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. *Avoid sugar and saturated fat. *Eat food rich in fibre. *Make soya and its products a part of your regular diet. *Consume fish on a regular basis. *Eat only what the body wants. *Read labels on products you buy in the super markets. *Take necessary supplements. *Joining or forming a weight watchers club in your office or neighborhood. Human body is like a machine. Machine runs with some fuel or electricity and we take food as fuel. Obesity is the condition where a person takes more food than what his body needs. So excess food what he takes than his metabolism, physical and exercise needs, will accumulate as fats and increase the body weight than normal which leads to various complications diseases. In fact obesity is the inviting origin of so many diseases. In fact it brings unending miseries to your body, health worries. The obesity is likely to bring Diabetes, High blood pressure, Thickening of arteries, Damage to the heart muscles , Knee joint trouble , Kidney diseases, Fat foot , Sterility, Premature aging, Intving Premature death. Obese people are prone to injuries, accidents and hernia. They are susceptible to degenerative disease of the ankle, hip and spinal chord. Even though obesity just common name for heavy bodies, they are different degrees of obesities. There is a simple way how to calculate one's body weight. The degree of body weight can be calculated with Body Mass Index (BMI).BMI is the value of one's weight in kilograms divided by square of his height in meters. That is BMI= weight (kg) divided by [height (m2)]. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) Hyderabad the latest recommended BMI figures are as follows: If one's BMI number is less than 23 (earlier 25), it is normal weight. If it is 23 and above it is over weight. If it is 25 then the person is clinically termed obese (as opposed to 30 at the global level) and those with BMI of 32.5 will require surgery to eliminate excess flab.

HOW TO EAT RIGHT: *Make it a habit to take some vegetable soup before your meal so that a part of your stomach will be filled with soup and you will take little food. *Reduce oil, ghee, butter, cream saturated fat etc in your food.*Make it a point to green vegetable salads, sprouts as part of your break fast as well as with food. Take fruit salads as evening snacks. To enhance your interest on salads change the verities. *Select cholesterol less heart friendly oils for cooking. *Avoid heavy calorie sweets and cakes chocolates, bottled drinks which are dangerous energy stocks for you. *Even though you eat little quantity take leisure time to chew and eat thoroughly.*Have a reasonable food quantity measure routinely. *Do not skip break fast or any meal which will in fact work adversely. *As for as possible maintain your eating timings without fluctuation. *Always eat only 2/3 requirement of your stomach capacity. *When you attend any function or parties, control your urge to eat more and more because they are high in calories, spicy, and fatty foods. *If you are not hungry, for the sake of formality or to give company to some body do not eat.

BEWARE OF WRONG EATING HABITS: If some body is under tension eating some thing relax them. If some body completes little job they want to eat some thing in their self appreciation .Some people can't work unless they keep on eating some thing. If some body feeling bored, he start eating something, some people have the habit of eating some thing to concentrate while thinking. . Even while watching T.V programmes, people want to eat some thing .Remember, all these habits are negative and hindrance on the way to reduce your weight.

ALL ABOUT EXERCISES: It is not just enough to control your food intake to reduce your body weight .Additionally; you have to increases your physical activity also. To increase the physical activity one has to choose one of a few of the physical activities like walking, jogging, skipping, cycling, running, swimming, playing, gym exercise, yoga etc… depending upon physical and age conditions. You have to practice suitable exercise /walking minimum for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily as for as possible. If time does not permit, walk short distance by parking your vehicles a bit away from your office or house. Instead of using lifts or elevators, use steps when ever possible. Go for short distance shopping, visit to a doctor, temple visit without using vehicle, go by walk. Over all think how well you can strain your self by any means to reduce your weight .Remember if less food intake helps to control your weight, regular physical exercise will also help to reduce or maintain your weight to the possible extent. Remember and practice all the above awareness tips which will help you in reducing obesity to enjoy a sound wealthy health. Even though world observes obesity day on 25th November, all the over weighing people must observe every day in the year as weight reduction day.


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