In to days racing world every body is living under unbearable stress. Stress is the prime reason for inviting various dangerous diseases like diabetics, heart problems, hypertension etc. Most of the people today are highly health conscious and all such health conscious people strongly believe that even-though stress in day to day life is not avoidable, but, it can be either preventable or at-least manageable, to minimum levels. For all those people, who are over burdened with work or work under heavy stress every day, Olive oil is really great boon for them.

Everybody believes that most of the oils contain cholesterol and cholesterol consumption is a big threat, which will cause hyper tension and ultimately complicates heart problems. But olive oil is different. It works like a health promoter rather than health complicator, like other oils. Even though olive oil is costlier than all other cooking oils, but it is not so costly that middle or low income people can't afford it. If you compare your all-round family health, saving of very high hospital expenses, loss of leave or income due to sickness, olive oil is worth using even with little burden on pocket. Now, let us see the various health benefits of Olive Oil.

Olive Oil is a great boon for high blood pressure patients. It was very clearly proved in extensive research conducted on thousands of BP patients by Greek scientists.

Olive oil is an excellent friend for the patients suffering with peptic ulcers, gastric ulcer and gastric cancers. The polyfinals present in olive oil will kill the bacteria, which causes the above mentioned diseases.

It is a wonderful remedy for senior citizen, people suffering with osteoporosis. The finals present in the olive oil protect the strength of the bones.

Olive oil is a great help for patients of arthritis. It prevents arthritis in young and slams down in older persons who have already arthritis.

It is an enemy for asthma. Olive oil protects young from asthma. In patients who are already suffering with asthma it controls asthma from further severity.

Olive oil is a blessing for over weight and obese people. It will not allow the fat to accumulate at stomach area.

Olive oil is a very good diabetic friendly on regular consumption of olive oil it enhances the insulin sensitivity in type of diabetics and avoids the intake of insulin quantity.

In type 2 diabetic patients it is very clearly proved that regular olive oil consumption controlled blood sugar levels. Olive oil has got ability to reduce triglycerides.

People who are very much health conscious, believe in prevention is better than cure and would like to not to put on body weight. Olive oil is a pal for them. On olive oil regular consumption one will not put on further body weight.

Olive oil is a great enemy for bad cholesterol. If high blood cholesterol patients consume a spoon of olive oil through food regularly, their cholesterol levels will reduce drastically.

Olive oil is a super food for heart. It helps heart in all-round performance. If you consume only olive oil and no other oils are used for cooking, heart diseases occurrence will be reduced to 50%.

Not only for cooking, olive oil can be used as dressing for salads.

It can also be used as alternative to ghee while taking meals.

Olive oil prevents from various degenerative diseases which will occur due to high content of fat in our food.

The finals present in olive oil will work as powerful antioxidant in our body.

It is proved in various researches that regular consumption of olive oil will prevent maximum from occurrence of coronary heart diseases.

Who believe health is more prime wealth and prevention is the prime protection, for such people Olive Oil proves very much beneficent.