9. OUST WAR: -

Why oust war?

We should oust war because,
1. War is the ancient and heinous enemy of humanity.
2. War takes thousands of precious lives and destroys billions worth of property.
3. War leads to inevitable high defence expenditure and takes the nation to huge debts.
4. War spreads enmity and cruelty.
5. War crushes growth, cripples economy and enhances sudden inflation.
6. War ever spreads the feeling of terror.
7. War results in numerous heinous crimes like looting and killing of innocent civilians.
8. War makes countless people homeless and turns hundreds to insanity.
9. War every time proves its war on children and women.
10. War forces numerous child soldiers, generates thousands of war prisoners and forces thousands of pathetic refugees.
11. War is abbreviation of WASTE, ATROCITIES AND RUIN.


Any country igniting war for any reason is very easy. But, stopping it after igniting it is if not impossible, but extremely miserable, disastrous and almost nearer to ruin.
If two countries' highly intellectual leaders, not two illiterates ignite all around ruining war, then who else can stop them?

When all the possible remedies have failed in solving any disastrous problems, then a magical miracle is the only final ray of solution to stop that disastrous problem.
Such magical miracle cure for such all around ruinous war is "tiny toys".
If your aged father is a chain smoker after having extremely serious breathing problems, even he wouldn't stop smoking when his friend or you advise him repeatedly. But, one day suddenly your little child returns from the school and stares at your father saying that," Grandpa! Today my teacher said that smoking is a bad habit. Smokers not only spoil their health but others' health also. Until you stop smoking, I will not kiss you." That's all. The tremendous trick clicked. Your father stops smoking instantly.
Knowing the fact pretty well that smoking is injurious to health, the magic took place only after listening an advice from a little kid. It is a memorable mind-wobbling miracle.
We have to use the same miracle weapon to stop the war. It really works wonders. Whenever any two countries ignite war, the entire global kids (below 14 years) are advised to write simple post cards to both countries' heads of the state "WE WANT PEACE. STOP DISASTROUS WAR AT ANY COST AT ONCE." When post cards are received in millions, the miracle definitely works. The volcanic war cools down calmly.


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War is nothing but "willfully aimed ruin". Not only stopping war any where, even stop the thought of war in anybody's mind immediately. Instead it is every civilized citizen's responsibility to declair 10 essential wars on bonded labour, calamities, crimes, discriminations, hate rage, hunger, ignorance, illiteracy, violation of human rights, violence and war.