(a) What is this hunger problem? The next major problem of the world is hunger. Roughly, 20% of the world population is suffering from hunger. Hunger is the cruelest enemy of humanity. In fact, hunger is directly and in many cases indirectly responsible for major disturbances and troubles. Therefore rooting out hunger is a must. If hunger is rooted out, a major portion of the world problems will be eliminated.

(b) Is it not a government's problem? What is it that an individual can do for this? To root out hunger individual governments are advised to take requisite measures. Here a few important and simple suggestions are mentioned as below for individual families to ROOT OUT HUNGER as well as to get direct and indirect benefits.

1. Keep your family strength smallest to root out hunger.

2. Purchase food grains and commodities periodically instead of purchasing in bulk at a time. This will save your family from waste and helps to maintain stocks in the market that leads to price reduction.

3. Grains saved from wastage are equivalent to grains produced. So protect the grains from rats, insects, water, fire etc.

4. Raw foods are nutritious, easily digestible, healthy and required in less quantity. Eating of thoroughly cleaned raw food is more beneficial in all respects. Therefore vegetable salad is advisable along with the food.

5. Consume less grains and more green leaves, vegetables, fruits etc.

6. Cook just the required quantity for the meal.

7. If by chance, excess food is prepared, preserve it carefully, and utilize it fully at the earliest, without any wastage.

8. Eat all seasonal green leaves, vegetables, fruits, etc. They will work as antibiotics against seasonal diseases.

9. Use every little empty space around your house, land and cultivate green leaves, vegetables and fruits. If space is very little, even then at least utilize it by growing vegetable creepers. In case if you do not have empty space around your house, go for roof gardening.
HOME/TERRACE GARDENING:- 30 pots of terrace garden can yield enough vegetables throughout the year for a family of 6. With right care you can cultivate greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants. Home gardening is an interesting hobby and good exercise for the gardener. Grown vegetables are nutritious. Home gardening increases greenery and provides more oxygen and house becomes cooler.

10. Vegetable food is economical, hygienic, healthy and easily digestible. It suits to all ages.

11. Vegetarianism is a silent revolution that changes fatal diseased lives to good health. It increases productivity at work place.

12. Eat your food in pleasant surroundings and happy moods (In bad moods saliva wouldn't be secreted properly and stomach releases unwanted gastric juices). To avoid bad moods, cut a couple of jokes. Laughter reduces blood pressure, heart rate and stress; improves mental functions, helps in body fighting infection, protects the stomach from ulcers and relaxes body muscles.

13. In season, when the vegetables, fruits are available in plenty at low prices, buy them and preserve them as pickles, chutneys, jams, jellies, juices, syrups, ketchups, dry fruits and dry vegetables to use them later.

14. In winter, solid foods are suitable. In summer, take less solid foods and more seasonal/suitable foods like fruits/vegetable salads, juices, sherbets, buttermilk, curd etc.

15. Use more sprouts, greens, and vegetables and fruit salads. They are economical, nutritious, fresh and tasty, need no cooking and help prevents many diseases like cancer etc.

16. Due to lack of awareness, some people eat excess food than their body requirement when it is available more or tasty. It leads to negative effects than positive ones. One should eat moderately only as per his age, weight, work and digestive capacity.

17. For the growing world hunger because of bursting world population, the best, economical and tasty alternative is Amaranthus.

18. Use rice and wheat old grains. In case of rice, use unpolished rice and in case of wheat, use unsieved flour for optimum benefits.

19. Make it a habit all the family members to have meals at a time.

20. SKIP A MEAL A WEEK TO ROOT OUT HUNGER AND MAKE YOUR PURSE STRONGER. Fasting reduces the process of aging and will keep the body cells free from disease. By following the above guidelines not only you can save up to 20 % in your kitchen, which is your direct, easy and huge savings, but also benefit the whole society in bringing down the food prices, and ensuring easy accessibility/availability to all.


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