Noise has become an increasingly serious social problem all over the world, particularly in the industrialized and highly populated countries. In 21st century noise may cause heavy damages to the entire man kind. Because of increasing economy in the world, everyday multiplying vehicle usage like two wheelers, cars, buses, trucks and air crafts, ever increasing industries, are all adding to the noise pollution. In addition to that, some people appear to love noise, in the name of socializing . Even our festivals are adding to noise. Bursting of ear deafening crackers have now became a symbol of 'joyous' event, whether it be a marriage, winning elections, cricket match or a religious procession etc. The increasing noise pollution in metropolitan cities is not to mention. Snail paced traffic jams on roads, at malls, bus stands, railway stations, government offices, hospitals, courts, and each and every place, invariably contributing to the noise level. Not only industrial areas or crowded main roads but even homes are not spared. Entertainment equipments like Radio, Stereos, TVs, home theaters, home appliances like grinders, mixies, worn-out fans, ACs, Washing machines, exhaust fans will add to the existing noise.

ADVERSE EFFECTS OF NOISE: Noise has a very serious and harmful effect on health than what you realize. Place where you work, where you live, where you take rest or sleep and where you usually are supposed to move about, if noisy, will affect your efficiency. Your health will be affected. Continued exposure even to moderate noise level results into temporary loss of hearing. Workers working in heavy noisy industries on long run may become permanent deaf and ultimately the defect spreads to speech frequencies. It is reported that noise leads to high blood pressure. People living close to busy airports being affected by ulcers and gastritis. It is found that noise causes severe headaches, stomach disorders, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia (sleeplessness) and loss of mental balance. Excessive noise is reported to affect even the fetus in the carrying mother's womb, producing malformation of the nervous system which ultimately affects the behavioral pattern later. Non stop noise like pop concerts, noise polluting factories can even lead to impotence. It is attributed that in industrial countries, consumption of alcohol, drugs, tranquillizers and sleeping pills is more, only because of unbearable noise, which causes disturbed sleep. Noise pollution leads to more road accidents, increased illness, even treatment takes longer time to cure, ultimately even mortality. Noise creates irritation, affects thinking, affects peace of mind, may cause cracks in family relation and nervous breakdown.

WHAT IS SILENCE: Silence is usually understood to be something negative, something empty, an absence of sound of noises. The misunderstanding is prevalent because only very few people have ever experienced silence. Many people what they have experienced in the name of silence is only noiselessness. In fact silence is very much beyond that. The real silence is very sweet and precious, highly result oriented. Silence means co-ordination of outside noiselessness with silence of your body and mind without any thoughts.

WHAT ARE THE UNLIMITED BENEFITS OF SILENCE: *Silence ensures clarity of mind. *Silence often helps in finding the right solution to problems, when one gets confused in critical situations. *Silence helps you to be in touch with your consciousness. *It gives confidence. *It strengthens energy *It works as a great spiritual guide in the times of need. *It is an enormous blissful light. *It will make you rich. *It will assure success. *Improves enormous thinking and analyzing abilities. *It will harness abundant hidden wealth of your mind. *It is your goal setter. *It is your own evaluator. *It keeps your mind always calm. *It improves your observation power enormously. *It is a booster for concentration. *It mentally analyses, identifies and avoids many disputes. *It shuns violent thoughts. *It roots out enmity. *It enhances objective analysis *Silence is your self teacher. *It is mirror of your soul. *It is the thickest friend in need. *It is the natural precious jewel of the intellectuals.

RELATIONSHIP OF SPIRITUALITY AND SILENCE: In the world of religion and spirituality, the practice of silence plays important role. One of the most interesting parts of silence is that the mind evolves its creativity. Our ancient saints, sagas, gurus, religious leader's secret of achievements, sadhanas are mostly evolved through the practice of silence. That is why they lived beyond crowded places, preferred to live in totally silent environments. Mahatma Gandhi practiced 'Days of Silence' in his life. Our elders, who understood and realized the preciousness of silence, practices "mouna vrat" (Total silence for a day) even today. It is believed and proved that practice of silence relinquishes worldly desires. It enormously enhances your patience. You can hear and understand your own soul's thoughts crystal clear in absolute silence. Eyes can look only Physical objects, where as, it is only through absolute silence one can search mystic mind and soul from unlimited angles. Few minutes of silence before starting a task enables us to put strong foundation. Silence is the vision of your soul. Silence takes us beyond the sense experiences to a novel bliss of mental lightening, which can only be experienced. Silence is the school for intellectuals. Silence is the straight ladder for self introspection. It is the simple costless path for wealth and wisdom. There is no doubts that all great inventions, creations, achievements, visions evolved only from noble minds, which practiced absolute silence. In one word, the mystic power of silence are infinite, beyond ones imagination.

UNIQUE INVISIBLE SHADES OF SILENCE: Silence does not need company, but solitude. Your speech wants to conquer others, silence conquers one self .Speech expects respect where as silence attracts it, speech spends energy and silence enhances it, speech is common and silence is supreme, speech enhances ego, silence speaks divinity, great inspirations are encouraged by speech, but those basic ideas are sprouted in silence.

AWARENESS TIPS TO REDUCE NOISE: Combating ever increasing noise is among the urgent needs of today. Transport remains the major and most widespread source of noise in busy cities, which contributes 60-80% of it. Industries contribution ranges 20-30%. Researchers should concentrate to develop easy techniques to reduce vehicular noise. Industries should concentrate to reduce their noise levels. Town planners must concentrate in scientific planning to reduce noise levels at residential localities. It is advisable to plan industrial establishments, shopping and other utility buildings far away from residential areas, hospitals and educational institutions. Plantation of trees near residences, hospitals, educational institutions, will work as best noise filters and absorb major portion of noise. Advanced technology should be used in future constructions using noise proof silence friendly building materials.

AWARENESS TIPS TO REDUCE NOISE AT HOME: *Do not keep radio, TV, music systems on at a high volume when no one is listening, *Even the morning devotional songs should be played / listened at low volume *While watching TV or listening to Music keep the volume low at a comfortable level. *At your work place consciously work towards reducing the noise to the possible extent. *Children should be trained to avoid making noise by not throwing things on floor, unnecessarily crying shouting and weeping etc. *Avoid shouting, calling loudly at places like house, functions, hospitals, temples, malls, exhibitions, on road etc. *Keep your landline or mobile phone ring tones at a low volume.

AWARENESS TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR INNER SILENCE: *Meditations helps to concentrate ones inner silence. *Identify a noiseless pleasant room or roof top to practice silence. *allocate certain time everyday to practice silence preferably early morning 5-6 AM is advisable, other wise night between 10 to 11 PM. If these timings are not suitable, one can follow as per their own conveniences. *If one is very much mentally disturbed under tension, suffering with depression, to enhance their interest in practice of silence, go to a nearby park, river, canal, garden, hill, water fall, forest, Farm, sea shore, pond, if nothing available near by go to near by main road and sit on a tiny bridge or stone totally relax and practice silence early in the morning. *At home while practicing silence ensure that even fan/AC noise is minimum. *Silence must be practiced without any company in solitude. *If you intended to start practice silence, preferably start at above mentioned early morning timings, initially with 15 minutes duration daily for a month. *Every month increase the time by 15 minutes till it reaches 1 hour in four months. *During silence practice, first 1/3 rd time think of past mistakes, achievements. The rest 1/3rd time for mistakes rectifying measures, plan tomorrow / near future plans/goals, then in the final 1/3rd part of time sit at a quite place in absolute silence with calm mind. A solution, guidance, plan, clarity, answer will appear in a flash as a surprise. Look ahead from now on and wait for a miracle to happen in your life. Remember, awareness is assured all round asset. So awaken your soul to become alert and start practicing silence everyday and reap rich benefits for prosperity and all round happiness.

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