How will the ten objectives contribute to the spreading of WORLD PEACE?


(a) Why do we have to worry about smallest family adoption? The first and foremost problem in the world is the highly alarming and uncontrolled increasing population whereas land and other resources are being constantly eroded. Therefore, unless we control the ever-increasing population, the entire humanity has to face immense sufferings in the future.

(b) Is it not the government's problem? What is it that an individual can do for this? In fact, it is not alone the government's responsibility to control the multiplying population; it is the fundamental responsibility of the citizens also to control their family strength resulting into reduction of the population of individual nations as well as the world.

(c) Why cannot we plan for less number of children instead of worrying about smallest family? We all know very well that LESS LUGGAGE MAKES MORE COMFORT. A family with less number of children has greater advantages over a family with more children. However, it is clear that only the smallest family with a single child will have the optimum benefits compared to any other family.

(d) What are the advantages of Smallest Family Adoption?

1. Single child family economically benefits the most.

2. You can bring up the single child in the best way as per your dreams

3. You need comparatively smallest accommodation and you need not construct one more house as you have single child.

4. No unemployment problem. If the single child cannot get a good job, then he can continue his parents'/in-laws' profession.

5. You need not write a will.

6. Movable and immovable properties can be easily registered in 3 joint names to avoid future problems.

7. Single child family is the sweetest family, as there will not be any disputes.

8. You will have secure support in old age, which your single child believes is his full responsibility.

9. Females will have sound health because of single delivery.

10. If at all any couple wants to take divorce, since both want their single beloved child it may prevent the divorce and lead to an ever united family.

11. Many social problems like illiteracy, dowry, child labour, child marriage, begging etc. will be totally eliminated.

12. There will not be any necessity of seats reservation in colleges, jobs reservation for various categories as everybody gets enough opportunities due to less population.

13. Everybody dreams of living in a very happy and an economical joint family. But unfortunately it is not possible in many families whereas, with single child family it is easily possible to continue your ever dreamt of joint family as your single child more affectionately needs parents.

14. Because of single child mother will become free early so that she can render any service on compulsion or other useful work.

15. Tension will be absolutely nil in the family, therefore the family members will have healthy and long life.

16. No nomination is required for operating joint bank accounts, joint investment instruments and joint stock investments; even if someone dies, others need not face any tedious legal procedures, time loss and monetary expenditure to enjoy them.

17. Your family will never come to know the (meaning of) hunger.

18. Drastically reduces the birth of disabled children.

19. It will result in physically, emotionally and mentally stronger society, as the single child concept will encourage breast -feeding of babies. Breast-feeding enhances the child's brain development, learning readiness, trust, sense of security, immunity, health and nutrition and in the mother, it postpones pregnancy by delaying ovulation, decreases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and anaemia.

20. A totally healthy society takes shape as child & mother mortality rates come down.

21. If something happens to one of the young parents, the surviving parent can bring up the child with least burden. Further remarriage of the surviving parent is very easily possible.

22. The single child concept will bring equal property rights automatically to females also.

23. As the human values grow up the crime rate comes down.

24. Alarmingly lowering of female birth ratio will come back to normal.

25. Single child family enjoys special status in the society.

26. The most eligible single child will be of high demand for marriage alliances with choicest offers.

27. Comparatively the smallest family stands first in all the advantages.

28. Parents can become free early from their family responsibilities.

29. Philanthropic activities increase enormously.

30. With the lightest burden and least problems SINGLE CHILD SWEETEST FAMILY directly contributes to reduce the ever-increasing population of the world and ultimately leads to the ever dreamt of WORLD PEACE.

1. The above benefits may vary slightly depending upon the society, customs, culture and country where one lives.

2. What are the precautions the Single Child Family couple supposed to take?

(a) If the child is normal in all respects but less in weight or with any curable health problems, parents are advised not to go for permanent family planning operation but are advised to wait and follow temporary methods of family planning until the child reaches to normal growth (or crosses 6 years of age.)

(b) For both the parents and grand parents, the lonely child is the center of attraction and everybody loves the child. Hence, chances are there to neglect even minimum discipline and all the possibilities are there for the child to become naughty. So parents and grand parents are cautioned not to show excess affection outwardly for the sake of the child and try to bring up child with proper discipline.

(c) In case with all your strict efforts, you fail to keep the child under discipline, then you are advised to refer special child related magazines, books or to take guidance from specialists in child care counseling etc.

3. When you are supposed to go for second child?

When your first child is born with serious handicaps which can't be rectified, like deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, mentally retarded, any extremely serious disease with no chance of survival etc.

So what do you suggest?

Now please think carefully, judge and determine yourself how small you want to plan your future family. Remember YOU WILL BE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE in future for your current decision.

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World is exploding with ever multiplying population limited resources constant reduction making lives further miserable. Time has come to cut throat competition just for survival. All supports to eradicate the hunger are just your temporary mental false relief's only. To fight against hunger, first of all reach yourself for self dependency. Then marry at matured age (males: 25 yrs, females: 21 yrs). Do not opt for child atleast for a couple of years and until you can grow him a respectable, educated citizens in the society. Both of you work hard, plan well, live economically by strictly accounting. Your spending's to save more avoid all sorts of wasteful, show sake expenditures, invest savings smartly for second high returns with experts guidance, grow out of poverty, hunger, live respectably, make your small family heaven, country proud and world peaceful.