steam cooking


Many people in youth neglect their health to make wealth. Later they spend their wealth, to buy back their lost precious health. Health is really invaluable wealth. To preserve such health, there are so many simple, easy, economical methods available. Only awareness makes them widely adoptable. One among such multiple beneficial healthy method is Steam cooking. You will be accepting the invaluable advantages of steam cooking. Steam cooked food is very healthy. Because the steam cooked food will not loose any of its nutrients, in any way. Steam cooked food will be very tasty. Any food or vegetables cooked in steam cooker, will not loose their color, taste, smell or aroma. Any steam cooked food will be mouth watering .Steam cooking is the perfect cooking form. Because, it cooks food as much just required, unlike over or under cooking, happens in wet cooking.

It is a great time saver. At a time, simultaneously you can cook three items, as per your choice or priority. It is a great economizer, since you can cook, at a time three dishes. It economizes power to a great extent. Steam cooking will reduce lot of your work and supervision, since it avoids standing at kitchen platform, continuously for longer periods.

Steam cooker makes your kitchen very economical. Instead of buying costly pressure cooker, rice cooker, idly cooker, microwave oven, you can buy just one steam cooker. It saves lots of money. It is a kitchen space saver. Your kitchen vessels will be reduced to very few.

Steam cooked items and dishes will be very fresh. It eliminates lot of tension, as even the cooking continues by mistake, for a little more time, food will not be spoiled, as in case of wet cooking.

Since steam cooking does perfect cooking, the food is easily digestible, particularly for children, seniors, patients, digestion problem people and pregnant ladies.

Steam cooking is friendly for BP, heart patients, over weight and diabetics. In steam cooking, you need only 10-25% of oil for making vegetable dishes, compared to conventional cooking. Steam cooked food works as a sure preventive food.

Steam cooking is a great boon for working women, time conscious women, for people who need to prepare many dishes regularly and who want to cook emergency food.

Steam cooker is very economical even in terms of consumption of energy. Even if you use the steam cooker for 3 hours, its energy cost of 1 unit is just3 rupees only.

It is a great kitchen friendly. It avoids oily smoke. So keep kitchen clean and needs only once in awhile, light kitchen cleaning. For the people above 40, steam cooked food highly recommended. It protects them from all heart problems, body immunity deficiencies and keeps them healthy.

Steam cooking avoids lot of personal attentions, such as stirring, frying etc. since a cooking timer is readily provided; you are totally tension free from cooking.

Believe it or not, steam cooking is not only just time, money, power, effort, tension saver but also insurance for your family health and assurance for everlasting tasty food.


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