Parents give the birth, where as, it is only the teacher who sculptures the life of the student. That's why, teacher is also known as the second parent and school is known as second home. The country's growth and prosperity is directly related to the noble, dedicated teacher of the country. A noble teacher is a precious gift to that country, because parents just look after their own children, whereas, the noble teacher nurtures thousands of children in his lifetime, who inspires and guides the students lives, for the prosperity and the growth of the nation. So, a noble teacher's life is invaluable to his students, to the society, to the country, as well as to the entire wide world. To become an ever inspiring noble teacher, here are some precious motivating awareness tips, to prove "A noble teacher is worth a thousand priests."

TEACHING AWARENESS TIPS: Organization of a lesson is of utmost important, whether you are doing an activity, or a lesson on a topic; you need to organize your ideas. Careful planning takes time and effort. *Pupils need to see the purpose of the lesson. They need to want to follow you. Preview what they will be doing during the lesson. *Prepare your pupil for number of examples they can expect, or are going to work through. *Be prepared to repeat explanations. *Device methodology whereupon a student can admit they do not understand and you can deal with it later. *Follow up what you do within the classroom with meaningful homework. *Never assign homework without being familiar with every problem is given. The homework needs to reflect what is done in the class. *Mention names and ask questions. *Tell stories, but always make them short and relate them to lesson. * Be aware that children will try to lead you away from a topic. Avoid a lesson 'going off the rails' by the students being over enthusiastic. *Remember the strong point is to always get back to the topic. *The main goal of a teacher is to help the youth to develop a positive social behavior, such as self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment, and ability to get along with others, to resist negative pressure and learn to live a healthy life, free of drugs. *Being observant and listener is important. *If they ask questions, probe which part of the lesson they don't understand. *Check periodically, whether you are heard to the last bench. *Good teachers anticipate their problems and clear them up in the class. *Make yourself crystal clear on all points and your pupils will reward you with clarity in their responses. *Have activities planned to fill your lesson. Judgment of time if often a major difficulty for new teacher. *When the students leave your class, they should leave with a sense of fulfillment and wonder. *Remember, the success of your lesson is in your hands alone.

CLASS ROOM MANAGEMENT AWARENESS TIPS: *Often, class room management is misunderstood to, simply mean controlling and silencing noise makers, where as, it involves managing difficult students, disinterested, indifferent, average and brilliant students. *The fact is that, it is more difficult to manage brilliant students, than other categories. *The balancing act involves class room management, presence of mind, positive, spontaneous and humorous approach, tactfully which can be attained with skills, experience and maturity. *Teacher should not try to escape from the questions on one pretexts or the other.

PRESENTATION AWARENESS TIPS: You should remember, the students whom you teach, for they alone are the measure of your success.*Your own excellence is good only, when it helps your students. *Consider the purpose of your teaching and show the student a goal, as far ahead as you both can see. *Accept him as he is, and approve him as you can, the student is guided by intellect, but driven by emotion, to complain is futile and to ignore his motive is to fail. *Show him the real world of fact for interest and the ideal world of theory for understanding, each illuminate the other. *Relate new thought to what the students know, for this is how he learns, lead him from the known to the unknown. *Repeat and repeat, yet never the same; let each idea be seen few times in different lights. *Let the student work, for work is remembered long, after words are forgotten. *Hearing is weak; seeing is better; doing is best. *Let the student seek, lead him to discoveries of his own, and those will be his choice jewels of knowledge.

INSPIRING AWARENSS TIPS: *Know thoroughly the subject that you teach, and where it leads; present it with interest and enthusiasm. *Try your best to live up to moral standards, so that you are a good example to the students by their very action. *Have practical ideas and convictions and put them into action regardless of consequences. *Take interest in each student and his/her social background, so as to be able to help each, as much as he/she can. *Be loyal to the school and the children. *Go to class well prepared and well informed. *Be considerate, understanding, approachable. *Teacher should be not to sacrifice difficult students, but to drag them with positive mind into the main stream. *Possess patriotic qualities and promote in the children a feeling of national spirit. *Be aware of the social problems and encourage the children to take an active part in solving them. *Aim to inspire your students with your organization, care and professionalism. *A noble teacher should teach his students, that it is more honorable to fail than to cheat, have faith in his own ideas even if others tell him they are wrong, to listen to all and to filter and to follow the truth and good, to be courageous to face difficult situations with self confidence, to teach him the value of hard work, to face the realities of life, to fight, if he thinks he is right. *Be humble enough to seek the advice and help his/her colleagues. *Acknowledge your mistakes and failures and learn from them. *Be friendly, self-confident, and punctual. *Acquire latest knowledge and newer skills in teaching.

DISCIPLINE AWARENESS TIPS: *Deal with daily difficulties and problems with optimism and a pleasant, but courageous approach. *When children suffer physical or mental abuse they are left scarred for life. Children should be treated gently, but firmly. Discipline comes through inculcating values and not with the stick. *Be friendly, pleasant, and fair with students. *Use non-violent attitude correction techniques that are fun, yet corrective for erring students. *Keep discipline in the class but never get angry. * Should not act like a military commander, but should leverage the discipline in reasonable proportion.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE AWARENESS TIPS: *Learn to adapt as you try to get along work with different people, and their attitudes. *Try to listen with attention and patience. *If you feel like criticizing someone, do it positively and constructively, without hurting their feelings. Tell them how they can improve. Don't tell them what they did was wrong, but just focus on what they can do better. *Keep your voice and tone soft, steady, and with a touch of concern in it. *You should keep yourself abreast of development in his field. *Teacher may acquire Rectifying Units by engaging himself in a combination of a few activities such as: approved self-study, attending workshops, seminars, lectures, writing or presenting technical papers on subjects of relevance, undertaking distance education and so on. *They should be given all encouragement to update their knowledge and skills through self-study, internal or external seminars or workshop or lectures. *Teaching has to be effective and help students face challenges of life better. *Give life the best you have, and the best will come back to you. *Be positive and highlight the good you see in others. *Bring in good news more often, than bad news. *It is humiliating to admit that you do not understand - in fact, it need to be seen as a positive action. Developing this type of inter-action is one of the most important qualities, a good teacher can possess. . *Try not to lose control when faced with awkward questions. *If you are not ready to deal with question, admit it and get on with your lesson plan. *Reward the pupil when they speak out in the class, and encourage those, who are shy to speak. *Admit your failure if you unable to reach a conclusion and you will find that, the pupils will admire you for that.

DUTY AWARENESS TIPS: *The duty of a teacher is not just transfer of knowledge to the students. He is invisible, precious all in one. He is advisor to the seeker, great booster to the weak, character builder to the characterless, dependable evaluator, friend for needy, guide for the doubt seekers, healer for the insecured, inspirer for the creative, judge of their growth, influencing leader, great motivator, right nurturer, second parent, real role model, supporter, target fixer and high visionary. * The biggest mistake is to assume that you know everything. The task of education is not merely that of turning out first-rate technicians and scientists, but even more urgently and basically, it is the task of training good men and women. *We must strive to make children learn to prefer co-operative effort, to self-seeking competition, joy of creative work to possessive happiness. *Motivation had to become an effect and not a cause. When teachers do all thinking and speaking, it cuts the students off from 'lateral thinking' which is the most important skill, that is necessary for learning. * Learn to judge when children cannot proceed further. *Let us preach to children the importance of non-violence, tolerance and simple-life. *A teacher who has a genuine love for students, can deal with many problems, which even intelligence and psychological insight may not be able to solve.

GENERAL AWARENESS TIPS: Each working day, enter the school with a pleasant look on your face, and leave school at the end of the day, with the same pleasant look. *Greet the gate security and menial staff cheerfully. *Don't discriminate anybody on any basis. *Make everyone in your life, feel genuinely important to you. *Develop a neat handwriting. *Remember clarity, proper body language will add to the quality of teaching. *Use elegant introduction, reasonable summary and effective pauses, to make teaching interesting. *When you make a mistake in the class, laugh at yourself. HEARTY INVITATION TO THE RETIRED TEACHERS FRATERNITY: Even after retirement you become a revolutionary reformer. Join Sri Mission's simple, novel "GIFT - GIVE INVALUABLE FASCINATING TREASURE EDUCATION" scheme, conduct at your residence "FREE WEEKLY SCHOOL" for three hours, for illiterates and gift them bright new lives. Serving teachers are also welcome.


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